YOROI testnet (ITN) wallets rewards . i need help me

I have an ITN wallet. I want to restore and use the incentivized testnet…

Reward Withdrawal Guide : EMURGO.

tried to recover with the information you provided.
But. An error has occurred
(Connected for the first time after a snapshot)

Recovery was done in two ways: rewards from recovey phrase & rewards from private key!!
I really want to find!!

Plese help me

U can try on adalite, check this video first


Thank you very much.
I have a question!!

Which one?

I want to know why the recovery doesn’t work
I’ll attach a picture of the error

Becuase there are no rewards on that address? At least that the error says

Are u trying to claim the itn rewards on shelley wallet?
How many words has ur seed words?


The first picture It is an int wallet that has been rewarded with incentivization testnet.
The second picture is an error message when recovering from the wallet you are currently using

Ok, do u have at least 1 ADA in ur wallet for transaction fee?

Of course!!!

I think you need to verify on itn testnet that the address what you recovered contains rewards