Mixed up my ITN snapshot wallet with ITN rewards wallet, resolved

Has anyone else been able to successfully restore 24 or 27 word ITN Mnemonics in the latest Daedalus Release 2.1.0 #14079. I am able to restore the original Byron wallet showing the original balance, but not able to restore the wallet on the Shelley mainnet using the ITN restore button. Anyone else having the same issue?

How did you manage to create an ITN rewards wallet with 24/27 mnemonics? There was only one option in ITN Daedalus and it produced a wallet with 15 mnemonics.

That’s not correct. I transferred my Ada into a paper wallet before the snapshot was taken. Used it during the ITN to earn ITN rewards. Had it staked throughout the full ITN and earned rewards on every epoch until 190. Cold wallets were included in the snapshot and were able to be staked.

Maybe it was a yoroi paper wallet. so we have to wait for yoroi shelley itn claimable release. it was possible to stake on itn from a paper wallet. but not yet to claim those rewards…at least the yoroi ones.

Please confirm, I’m curious, did you directly receive rewards to the cold wallet on ITN? You didn’t have to transfer ADA from the ITN cold wallet to the rewards ITN wallet once you reclaimed the cold wallet on ITN? I just didn’t know that was even possible.

Hi Qualle,

Thanks for the response. My paper wallet was a Daedalus paper wallet. I transferred my Ada from a hardware wallet into the paper wallet before the snapshot and transferred back to my hardware wallet post snapshot for security reasons. Hopefully Daedalus ITN paper wallets are recoverable because at the time it was specifically communicated that they would be. I think it was in one of the IOHK Youtube videos. Anyways, I will wait until the next release of Daedalus to see if I can recover the ITN rewards.

I restored my Byron paper wallet and it reflects my original transaction in and out, but no rewards were posted into the paper wallet.

To answer your question, after the ITN version of Daedalus was released I restored my paper wallet into the ITN Daedalus and staked my Ada and was receiving rewards in the Daedalus ITN rewards wallet.

Ah, you just triggered my memory. I have a separate rewards wallet, that does have the 15 words. Let me restore this wallet. Over the last few weeks there was so many testnets and snapshots that I have a pile of Mnemonic wallets that I need to sort out. But I have located my ITN rewards wallet.

Did you have to create the ITN rewards wallet on ITN Daedalus? The way you describe it, let me assume your “ITN rewards wallet” was a different wallet from your restored Byron paper wallet in ITN Daedalus. If so, you need only 15 mnemonics for your ITN rewards wallet, not 24/27 mnemonics for your original Byron paper wallet.

Mystery solved. I created my rewards wallet in Yoroi but was tracking the ITN in both Yoroi and Daedalus. I restored the Yoroi rewards wallet into the ITN Daedalus because it was easier to pick a stakepool and because it had a better GUI for the comparing staking fees. So I just have to wait for the Yoroi update. Good thing I follow good backup procedures and make multiple copies of everything. I have the correct Mnemonics I just need to plug them into the correct wallet.

Thanks for working through the logic with me.

Much better news. I closed out of Daedalus and just re-opened it and my ITN rewards are in my Shelley wallet. So it was probably the refresh glitch that I was experiencing. ITN rewards are safe at home in Shelley. :smile:

That’s great. :+1:

I have 2 wallets, which was used for ITN , one I created on ITN test net wallet, before snapshot toke, that redeem smoothly. But one I have old Yoroi Byron wallet, which I did not do any fund transfer & snapshot was taken & I used that wallet also for delegate & received incentives, plus I have checked my balance on first week of July, This wallet was showing my balance also. This Yoroi Byron wallet I try to redeem my balance. it is giving me message, you don’t have any fund to redeem. any one can help me in this case, who shall I raise this issue?

Why are you trying to redeem rewards from Byron wallets? You redeem REWARDS not BALANCE. You redeem reward funds from ITN Shelley rewards wallet (Daedalus or Yoroi) - 15 mnemonics. And remember that you need to have at least 1 ADA in a wallet you are trying to redeem funds to, to pay for the fees.

The reward i received on ITN, it was Yoroi byron wallet & that wallet i am trying to redeem, i have not created any testnet wallet for this one. Just use same wallet and snapshot was taken. This is the case.

Very glad for you!!!