Yoroi paper wallet - view reward

Yesterday I red that all ADA holders who participate in staking on ITN can see rewards throw new Dedalus wallet…
My question is how we, who use Yoroi paper wallet can see that because we have 21 word recovery phrase and there is no option in new Dedalus wallet to enter 21 word…only 15 or 27 ?

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Sorry to contradict you but I’m fairly sure that staking from paper wallets was not available on the ITN.


Im suprise to hear that from you…I was staking…and every week I check my rewards by recovering wallet …and I remember I delgate it on Leaf stake pool…I cant see that now becokuse sync not working…

OK, I accept you were staking, but maybe it wasn’t from a paper wallet?

Going back to basics, to delegate your stake involves a blockchain transaction. There’s no way to initiate a transaction from a paper wallet. So when paper wallet staking does become available it will require a special arrangement.

I could be wrong, I’ve not been keeping as close a watch on developments over recent months as I used to do, but I never heard about those special arrangements being implemented.

Hopefully somebody who knows for sure will chime in soon.

Rob…if you want I can take a screenshot of my testnet wallet in which you can see that I have ADA on ITN wallet…and I can post it to you…
Rewards now you cant see because sync dont work any more…

In this picture above you can see that I on testnet have got ADA and I stake all of it…
You can see that it is Standard wallet but this wallet is come from recovering paper wallet.
Maybe the problem will be solve if I knew phrase for this Standard wallet…But I cant get it…

OK now I understand, but I’m afraid I don’t know the answer. @SebastienGllmt probably will, though.

Neither Yoroi or Daedalus allowed paper wallets on ITN so probably the reward is 0. That being said, paper wallet creation uses a special “unscramble” step that’s not present in regular wallet generation which is why you can’t just type in the 21 words.


I check every week and rewards come…Where is than that rewards which come on my wallet ?…Last time I check sum of rewards was top 8000 ADA (i have cca 200k).
I delegate all on Leaf pool.

Like I said, when I restore paper wallet it become Standard wallet.

čet, 2. srp 2020. u 13:59 Sebastien Guillemot via Cardano Forum <cardano@discoursemail.com> napisao je:

Ah my bad, I misunderstood what you were doing.
Yes, the Daedalus release doesn’t support a balance check for your paper wallet, but don’t worry – you will be able to claim these rewards in Yoroi once Shelley functionality is released on mainnet

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I am also having problems with redemption of ITN rewards with my Yoroi paper wallet.

I have tried out the latest Yoroi nightly release 3.1.0, and found I am only able to restore the Byron wallet that was included in the snapshot, but not the Shelley version (which is derived from the same recovery seed words and password).

I have discussed this with Sebastien and created an issue in github: https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend/issues/1647

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I too restored my yoroi paper wallet and staked to a pool during itn, it didn’t give me a new set of 15 words unlike my Daedalus wallet (regular & paper), I just use my restored paper wallet to stake on a pool during itn and I keep getting rewards during itn just like my non-paper wallet yoroi.

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I am in the same situation.

I used a 21-word Yoroi paper wallet for the Nov. snapshot and to stake on ITN, but as others have mentioned it does not seem possible to restore in latest Yoroi Nightly.

I have been waiting for 3.1.0 to clear review to see if this problem is resolved, but based on the feedback in this thread it seems like paper wallets have been forgotten. I hope that is not the case.



I’m in the same boat and submitted a ticket to Emurgo via ZenDesk.
No response yet.

My ITN Wallet that is still in Yoroi ITN on my chrome browser no longer shows anything; so was hoping to double check my rewards were still good. I had my balance staked in the ITN and regularly checked it up until the last few epochs.

UX wise just confused if I forgot to note something, because I do have my original 21 word recovery phrase for the paper wallet, but if I restore that wallet in Prod today, not seeing any rewards. The last-address on my yoroi itn chrome browser that isn’t showing anything on the front-end is a different address.

So, my guess was there was an in-between migration step (when I originally used the paper wallet just after the november snapshot)??

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Yoroi ITN reward redemption is now available for Yoroi papers wallets as of version 3.2.2.



Got my ITN rewards now, worked flawlessly.

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Confirmed; was able to get my rewards too, few days ago using the nightly yoroi build.
My ITN Paperwallet recovery phrase worked fine to retrieve rewards as long as I had a new shelley wallet set!

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I was able to redeem successfully around this time. Thanks again.