Help with testnet to mainnet

An someone please help me
All my data is on rewards 2.3.1 and when I load the mainnet it’s asking me for all my wallet info (this I have lost)

All the passwords I have will not show the staking amounts I know are there

How can I open testnet and get my details ??


Let me know if I understand well… do u want to
withdraw the ITN rewards on Daedalus?


i don’t know my password… when i used to log into the testnet, everything was there - including the pool i allocated all my cardano to…

now when i go to mainnet - i am asked the for 15 words passphrase

now i cannot open testnet - i cannot longer gain access to my funds - so how can i log in with the testnet to reset or gain my seed ??

so, yoroi has 15 seed words for byron recovery and daedalus has 12 seed words.

Tell me what do you want to do, to restore your byron wallet? what wallet used in the past daedalus or yoroi? what wallet are u using now, daedalus or yoroi?


I was using the testnet and staking to SALT using either of the 2 wallets … the original wallet ??

I want to be able to just log back into testnet platform and I should be able to see my funds and to extract the seed words again I assume

It’s the seeds I have stored - they do not allow me to view any of the staking - and I know I have funds there - the old wallet even shows the withdrawal to another addrss for staking (as I had to withdraw testnet and combine to stake)

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How to Redeem Incentivized Testnet (ITN) Rewards on DAEDALUS

This is my problem
The seeds phrases do not allow me to access the staking - it says there is nothing there

But I know June last year input fund into staking with the testnet platform

How can I use the old play got to log in again ???

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How many words has your seed?

I have 4 accounts
12 and 15

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All 4 wallets participated to ITN test?

Ok, try to restore one wallet on and see if your ITN rewards are available

create a Mnemonic wallet with your 15/12 word seed phrase and unlock the wallet. The wallet will then show your reward balance. To redeem you will need to send 2 ada to that wallet address as AdaLite charges a small fee for. redemption. To get the wallet address to send the 2 ada to, click on sending, scroll down a bit and on the right hand side you will see your addresses. Once you redeem you can then send them wherever you like.

Ok, tried this
They were redeemed already and sent to another Addrss for staking

This addrss for staking is the one that’s stuck in the testnet platform - I have no record of the wallet seed

But it was all working fine to stake etc using the testnet platform

So again, how do I open old file to gain access to my funds please

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did u created another shelley wallet since shelley was release on 29 Jul 2020?
on daedalus or yoroi wallet?

Here is the transaction Id

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Here are my stakes

Thank you

OK, I think I understand now, you made a shelley wallet (or more) in August and delegated to SALT, should be a new wallet because only with shelley wallet you was able to delegate…
Now, you should think… and answer:
how many byron did u had before (you have 2 *12 words seed which seems to be from byron era)
how many shelley wallet did u created after 29 Jul 2020 (you have 2 * 15 words seed which seems to be from yoroi shelley era)

Is this right? Can u confirm?

Yes - sounds correct re Shelly wallet
I have 3 seeds in totalI think 1 seed was used 2 times - right at the beginning

Now I can’t access the Shelly seed as I cannot open the testnet platform

This is very frustrating- what can I do ??

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shelley is mainnet… why u are keep saying testnet platform?

OK, do you remember if you used yoroi or daedalus when u created the wallet? also, do you have a HW wallet?

if you used yoroi it means you need to restore a 15 words seed, you said you have 2 * 15 words seeds… try to restore them in adalite and see if you can see any transaction history

I have tried all of these
I have also sent you the transactions

As you can see - they are now in a different wallet

Why am I not able to just use the old program to log back in - everything worked fine as my details were loaded into there

So there is nothing that can be done - the system gets changed and I have no accesss

Thank you,

hmmm. what program?

These ones

I never had to put any seed

Thank you