ITN Reward Redemption with just private key and not recovery phrase


I just watched this video:

He says repeatedly that to get your rewards you will need recovery phrase, for the wallet. However I’ve created addresses with command line tools, which does not generate recovery phrase, but only private key. I guess that’s the case for many people who created a pool.

I guess as long as you have the private key, there will be no problem to get your rewards, but I find strange that he did not mention it, and insisted on the fact that you need a recovery phrase. Can you confirm?



The problem is likely to affect most pool operators. Of course there will be a solution. (probably also command line)


This page seems to imply that Daedalus will only integrate redemption from recovery phrase:

Any news on how we will need to proceed to get our rewards?

Some of us anticipated the issue and created keys using Cardano-wallet back in December - to avoid exactly that. That said, and if I am not mistaken, you can pull and build Cardano-node 1.18.x which should contain a command to extract those ITN rewards from Jormungandr created secrets.

I’m not familiar with haskell, but I found this line:
| KeyConvertITNStakeKey SomeKeyFile OutputFile

tomorrow I’ll test it out the conversion from a key.

Any progress on this? I have lost my rewards wallet phrase, but I do have the spending password and secret files, any possibility of recovery with those?

Any progress on this? I have lost my rewards wallet phrase, but I do have the spending password and secret files, any possibility of recovery with those?

I think this is an other case, if you have the wallet files from Daedalus ITN and the spending password. What I was talking about was a situation where you have directly the private key, unprotected by a password, that was created with Jormungandr.

But anyway, it would be good to have a solution for both.

Have you submitted a support request?

On a fresh install, build cardano-node and cardano-cli from branch release/1.18/x

when you run cardano-cli shelley key, you should see the command convert-itn-extended-key which means you have built from a repo that supports ITN extended key extraction

put ITN private key in file itn-key.prv, and ITN public key in file

cardano-cli shelley key convert-itn-extended-key --itn-signing-key-file itn-key.prv --out-file itn-reward.skey
cardano-cli shelley key convert-itn-key --itn-verification-key-file --out-file itn-reward.vkey

you can then build your stake address from the extracted stake keys - and from there you can withdraw the funds from the rewards address to an arbitrary address via cli

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Thanks yes I did a few weeks ago, they said they would release a doc about it, I’ve re-opened to ask if there’s any further news.

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see my response above

answer is above

Thank’s a lot.

Can you give more precision on this, what command should be run to transfer the funds?


once you have the keys you’ll need to craft a withdrawal transaction - just as if you were withdrawing rewards from a stake pool rewards address

cardano-cli shelley query stake-address-info --address [itn-stake-address] --mainnet
cardano-cli shelley query utxo --address [payment address] --mainnet

cardano-cli shelley transaction build-raw /
–tx-in [utxo of payment.addr for tx]#[TxIx] /
–tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+[total lovelaces remaining in address after transaction] /
–fee 200000 --ttl [current slot + slot buffer] /
–withdrawal [itn-stake-address]+[lovelaces to withdraw]
–out-file frog-rewards-001.raw

cardano-cli shelley transaction sign
–tx-body-file frog-rewards-001.raw
–signing-key-file payment.skey
–signing-key-file itn-reward.skey
–out-file frog-rewards-001.signed

cardano-cli shelley transaction submit
–tx-file frog-rewards-001.signed

Thanks a lot that looks promising :smiley:

Do you also know how to get the keys from Daedalus-ITN? (I have the secret sqlite files and the spending password). I can access the file and see a private_key table which has one entry, but I’m guessing that value needs to be decrypted with the spending password?

Great, and that cannot be compiled on Debian stable because cabal is only in version 2.2, and not in version 3.0 as required ?

you try running “cabal update”?

I’m not sure this will help you. These are instructions for those that have access to their ITN private keys - usually created on the command line or generated from the 15 word ITN mnemonic on the cli within cardano-wallet

I think your best path here is a support ticket like you had submitted

Non any better after the “cabal update”:

Warning: cardano-cli.cabal:0:0: Unsupported cabal-version. See
cabal: Failed parsing “./cardano-cli.cabal”.

There’s a Byron wallet restore option that might work, it accepts the info from the sqlite.

No that didn’t work, the restore itself was successful, but the newly imported wallet contains zero, I guess because it’s from the byron mainnet chain, not the ITN.