Redundancy: Multiple instance of the same wallet for staking

How does Ouroboros identify a unique node? Is it by wallet address?

I’m thinking of setting up Daedalus in multiple sites to provide redundancy when staking. Same wallet (restored using pass phrase) in different locations. I hope that this will reduce the chances of unavailability due to network issues when chosen as a slot leader. Will there be problems with Ouroboros in such a setup?

I also heard that Cardano will be signing up beta testers for staking and stake pools. Please add me to the list.

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I am also interested in this question @javaronin have you fund any information regarding this?

EDIT: I wanted to add this source for information regarding Staking, it seems one can only stake via a “Stake pool” that can be assigned via your wallet.

I’m also interested in this question.
I would like to set up a tiny computer at home and at my mothers place, running the same stake pool.
So if anything happens (electric or internet problems) the stake is still online on the other place until the other is back up again.