Reintroducing The [KUBE] Room

Hello everyone! My name is JP and I am based out of Souther Nevada. I’d like to actually “reintroduce” myself and stake pool. I am no stranger to the Cardano community as I have been here from the beginning. I initially ran the KAKE1 stake pool first on the ITN and then onto mainnet and learned from many of the greats. Unfortunately I had to retire the pool back in Epoch 338 for a few reasons. However, I have never wavered and have stayed a strong supporter of the ecosystem supporting other pools and being active on socials as much as possible. I have re-registered my stake pool with the original keys and renamed to KUBE. I am a one pool operator and will always be as I believe in decentralization.

  • Ticker: KUBE
  • Website:
  • Pool ID: pool137x32lrkprphrd0aa8x4jqz98z6lc0wawlc88hdjeps4qe408ad
  • Pool Hash: 8f8d157c7608c371b5fde9cd59004538b5fc3ddd77f073ddb2c86150
  • Location: USA
  • Infrastructure: 1 Core + 2 Relays all running on dedicated servers hosted on OVH in different data centers to ensure there is no single point of failure.
  • Operator Experience: I am a professional in the IT industry with 6 years of high level IT support and 5 years as an Oracle Database and Apps Administrator.

– Why should you should check KUBE out?
My long term goals as an operator is to provide for the community and help maintain the network through decentralization by being a single pool with 0 intentions to start up more. I am grateful to be able to spin up a stake pool again and continue where I left off and hoping to get back on track. In addition to supporting the network, I wanted to find a way to give back to those in need in these difficult times and beyond. Obtaining delegation to regularly produce blocks is no easy task, but I am committed to give a % of operator rewards each month to those in need by donating to a local food bank in the Southern Nevada area. More details can be found on my website that is linked above.

I appreciate you all and the community for the strength they have and the way they support each other. There is no other community out there like the Cardano community. Thanks for your time in reading this post.

  • JP