Relay and BP on QNAP

Hi All!

I have both BP and Relay running on VPS (Contabo). Recently I have extended storage space and mostly payment. Keeping in mind that my BP is not minting any block (small pledge), I want to reduce my monthly costs by moving relay or BP to both to my home QNAP.

I have started from relay.

I have BP with public IP hosted on Contabo and Relay hosted on QNAP behind 2 routers (maybe more).

I have internet via 5G router. I have additional router in apartment. ON both routers port forwarding rule applied to passthrough traffic to port 6000.

Relay (on QNAP) in not pining from BP (Contabo)
topology.json updated

Your help is very much appreciated!

Check if the relay is accesibile via port 6000 (must be 100% synced) if not check the fw rules + PF configuration

I created new Cnode on Contabo and copied priv folder to run it and BP

Old BP - shutdown
New BP is in sync up and running.

When I start cntools - it stops on “What’s new” screen and nothing happens.
Why I can’t start cntools on new BP?

U must press q to exit from ‘what’s new infos”

Worked. Thanks.

I checked my Wallet it is zero…

Just moving Priv folder is not enough?

Cntools will interogate the first/oldest address, if that address has 0 balance then it will show u 0 balance… u must sent funds to that address


I checked my old BP’s wallet and balance in available .

How I can transfer my BP to a new server?

Copy priv folder from old BP to new BP (or everything is inside priv folder wallet/pool folders)

that’s what I did. Zero balance on New BP.


Check the address from cntools on, do u see the right balance? … the BP must be 100 synced in order to see the right balance

Yes I can see it now.

I am using old BP.

Hi Alex,

Could you please help me with some more details?

I have 5G router with external IP
PF is active on 5G router
5G is not used as router and connected to TP-Link router.
PF is active on TP-link router
Ubuntu server is running on QNAP

My DDNS in working on QNAP, just in case.

What I can do?

Hmm, what is the issue? Can u recap?

port 6000 is not visible from internet

Do u also have the fw activated on server?

ufw inactive

Then show me the PF rule