Relay node no OUT peers using P2P

I have a single relay node without a block producer. I’m running it using WSL2. I have set up the topologyUpdater script and have run it for 24+ hours. I also updated the p2p topology json file. However when I get my node data using Simple Node Stats by Crypto2099, it shows that I do not have any OUT peers.

Apparently WSL2 ports are not automatically opened to windows. My node is hosted on port 3001 and I had to use a powershell command to forward port 3001 of WSL to the windows port 3001, after that my node start having IN peers. Any idea whay could cause me not to have any OUT peers?

For p2p you also need to modify the config.json and topology.json files

I have already modified both the config and topology json files. I do have IN peers but not OUT peers

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You can check your firewall on both with:

sudo ufw status numbered

You need to open each other node port and the grafana/prometheus ports.

To check if there is communication you can:

ping ipaddress

Using a cryptographic VPN like Wireguard or Tailscale could help open and secure your network.