Relay to BP has no RTT, Tx is 0

Hi, my pool is [HKB].
It was working good but this afternoon, the BP and relay node has problem.
In the BP gLiveView, the RTT value is nil, while other RTT are good very good (~5ms)
And Processed Tx is 0 & stopped.

Block Sync are fine though…


the problem is the Relay, has no IN peers (only the BP)

Have you check your traffic inbound rules and firewall configuration?

BP inbound allow 6000
Relay inbound allow 6000 and 3001

Thanks for the reply!
So I should open more inbound ports for more In peers?

If both topology file match your port allow rules its OK. I dont know why stop communicating sudenly. Stupid question… do you have static public IP in both servers?

U don’t need 3001 because u started the node with 6000

the port is opened so… check the IP check the last status from topology updater log, also check if the relay is synced

U can try to restart the node

Thanks for ur help :pray:t2:
I use both ddns domain name in the config.
The BP is a fixed public IP, the relay node is on public cloud, it changes IP usually when instant restarted

Everythig seems fine. (Big problem, ja). Don’t panic, try restarting.

Haven’t done anything but all seems good.
The processed tx increasing
The RTT OF relay to BP still has no value though

The relaytopologyupdater takes effect?


check that you can ping the relay IP address from block producer - probably not that is why there is no RTT value