Relay2 adn BP seem not talking each other

Hi people!

After run relay1 and BP are talking each other, however, relay2 is talking to BP and BP not talking back to relay2.

I’ve already configured topology on relay2. Should I run on relay2 as well ?

Hi @tokyo106 Make sure relay2 is accepting incoming connections from BP and it’s port using your firewall settings.

you can use this Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router ( or telnet to check is systems are reachable.

Hi @ADA4Good, Thank you for your help.

relay2’s port is not open according to the website you mentioned.
On the cloud console, it is open though…

Where can I open the specific port?

Now it is talking to each other by opening the port for relay2.

Thank you!!!

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Hi, I have one last question,

Do I have to execute on relay2? It is now connected but it is shown offline on

Yes you should if you want relay2 to get it’s peer automatically.

And is your second relay registered on the blockchain? Maybe you registered your pool with the first relay then added second relay but didn’t renew your pool parameters?

Check here:

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