Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain

All, my daedalus is stuck at 2% of replaying ledger on-disk blockchain. Anyone else ever experienced this ?

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Which version of Daedalus? You have to be on 5.0.0, now.

Thanks Hepta, I updated daedalus. I hope this works. Thanks for the fast respond.

On the first start after 5.0.0 upgrade, the replaying ledger step will take some time. Was something like one to two hours for me, yesterday. But there should be progress.

Hi I have similar issue, but it is 0% (I have waited for a long time with good internet connection), I have version 5.0.0
Thanks for your support

You could check the node log in mainnet/Logs/pub/node.log in Daedalus’ data directory (the one where the huge blockchain resides in mainnet/chain). Perhaps, there are error messages giving a hint.

Thanks for your answer, how can I check this? is it in view?

It is a file on the disk that you view with an editor or something like that. I don’t think it is viewable in Daedalus’ frontend.

Daedalus tells you, where that folder/directory is at “Daedalus state directory” in Help → Daedalus Diagnostics (Ctrl-D).

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My replaying ledger from on-disk is stuck at 84% for over a day now. Does it have something to do with I only have 8gb ram?

I have version 5.1.1

My replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain step has been stuck at 92% for over a day now, I have version 5.2.0. Checked the status and it said cardano node disconnected and not syncing, so I restarted the Cardano node and it crashed. This is pretty irritating. Anyone figure this out yet or having the same issue?

UPDATE: After restarting the cardano node, it now won’t get over 0% in the ledger replay step. Been there for 2 hours

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I’m having the EXACT same issue.
I see your post is a month old. Status of your progress??

I had the same problem. Stuck at 82% first. Time synchronized on the PC under settings, because I had problems in recent weeks with it. Unfortunately not helped. Then restarted Node. Node is also chrashed. Restarted again. Then the node is stuck at 81%. Daedalus then completely closed and restarted. Worked without problems.