Cardano Node not Opening - Stalling on "Replaying Ledger from on-disk blockchain"

My Daedalus Wallet will no longer Synch on my iMac or my Windows Laptop. It gets stuck on “Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain”. The sync will begin and then it loses connection to the network when it reaches from 38% to 79% completed. This is very frustrating and I have done all of the following:

  • Deleted all of the folders within the “Daedalus State Directory”.
  • Deleted the Daedalus Mainnet Folder.
  • Uninstalled the Daedalus Wallet software
  • Re-started the system
  • Re-installed the appropriate version 5.2 from
  • Recovered my Wallet using my 24 Word Passphrase
  • Launched Daedalus Wallet to begin re-synch.

Is there anything anyone advise me of in order to be able to get my Wallet to load. It don’t have an issue with my home internet connection or accessing anything as my upload and download speeds are fine.

Please advise.

Have you been able to got your issues solved?