Reporting abuse or scam sites and social media accounts

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Cardano Foundation is committed to protecting and enhancing Cardano. One of our key initiatives is providing accurate information and ensuring that the community has access to this.

Part of this is making sure we manage fake information, scam sites and fraudulent social accounts.

The online world, whilst providing an incredible opportunity for connecting people is also a place where scams are rife. The blockchain and crypto-community is no different.

After listening to some of our most engaged community members, we now have ready.

This email address is closely monitored. You can quickly alert us to anything you see as a scam or a fake account.

This allows us to communicate with the platforms involved to deal with the problem.


When reporting something you have seen, please add in the social channel in the email subject line. For example:

Telegram - reporting someone spamming


Fake website looks like a scam


Reddit - someone is posting scam links

This means that we can deal with the issue efficiently.

We are grateful for the vigilant and diligent community. Please do let other community members know about the new email address to use:

Thank you for your support!


Hi Jon, one thing that will help a lot is consolidating onto (ideally) one domain – probably Are there plans to do that?


This has been a major pet peeve of mine. It seems like IOHK and CF are afflicted with “social media disease” - trying to be everywhere, reddit, twitter, facebook, telegram… because of course, it is important to get the word out, however, the commitment on all fronts is suffering, or should I say, the lack of information or pointers to good information is lacking in those other places.

There really should be just, for any source of verifiable information. Any volunteer websites that are endorsed by Cardano/IOHK, we can ask Jon or whomever to put up a link on either IOHK or Cardano and point to the ones that are most relevant/actively maintained.

I think we’re spreading ourselves too thin…then I again, I might be in the minority thought here.


@bbhart Good morning Brian :slight_smile:

Yes, we are all very conscious of this and is a big focus for us.

@MartinMKD Hi Martin! We really do try and keep social media appropriate and useful. We are not on Instagram :wink:

We are looking to make the starting point for anyone wanting information and also the consolidation of the various web properties.


Things already improved.
Look at what we suggested and what was already implemented in the first half of 2018:

From a marketing perspective, social media is an absolute must - and the more the better. According to The Nielsen Company’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report, more than half of all smartphone users visit social networks daily…so basically, half of the population - even dirt-poor kids in Guatemala have smartphones…social media is huge around the globe, and absolutely necessary for marketing & branding a product/service.

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Good. Cause I just closed my Twitter account which is a giant waste of time and am on the verge of closing my Facebook one, although it has become a sort of a rolodex for me… the only thing that could replace it is my LinkedIn, which I will never close since it’s a professional networking tool and doesn’t suffer from the same symptoms as “social media”.

I prefer to come here - for all news and Cardano related things and rely on you to keep it focused/correct.

Thanks for the response.

Hi @MartinMKD - kudos for closing down Twitter and considering closing Facebook! Personally I like Twitter and loathe Facebook and will probably close my account soon. We appreciate the feedback, thank you.

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And we have ‘our’ CardanoWiki at:
@jonmoss I updated that page with your information. Feel free to change it any whay you see fit :slight_smile:


Many thanks @FlippyFlink :slight_smile: