Reporting security issues / scams / fake sites

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We are looking at improving the process for the community reporting scam sites / accounts / social profiles etc to us…

What would be the best / most effective / most efficient method for you?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

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I think a new category for scams would be nice. Users could report them there and then admins/moderators could pin verified scam sites / accounts/ social profiles at the top of the category so make them easy to find.


A hashtag like #cardanoscam could be miss-understood and it’s not suitable from the marketing point of view. But Twitter and facebook are more frequented than this forum, or chats.

An important question is: is it just the process to let you know about a (possible) new spam, or is it more about creating an overall overview about all former, existing and possibly upcoming scam sites?

Anyway, I would consider it very useful if people looking for information about - let’s call it - “officially declared scams” get also invited at this moment, to actively react with their individual vote. For example how to report fraudulent apps in playstore, or scamming websites in googles safebrowsing portal. … facebook … twitter …


A separate Category dedicated just to scam/fraud as well as what @werkof said, possibly a hashtag available so one can easily mark/search all potential or real scams until proven otherwise. The other thing is, you probably will want to moderate that category, just so one of you can vet the submissions. We don’t want false positives (tarnishing our reputation) or rather, we want to minimize false positives.

Yes, it’s more work for you - however, if you specify a guideline/due diligence to be performed on what you want done before making (or removing) a submission, I’ll gladly follow it and/or moderate the category for you according to such clear, unambiguous instructions - or the best you can do to provide such instructions. If the moderator has ambiguity, then he can escalate for more research to someone from IOHK/CF.

Fraud, e.g. scams or other security issues are too important to ignore and deserve a category of their own.


Maybe you need to elect moderators, as @MartinMKD stated more work is coming your way @jonmoss no matter how you choose to make announcements.

they delay to send me Cardano (ADA) coins saying what Cardano wallet is under maintenance. And I found in internet information what it is a fraud (only now found info about it!). Please do share your experience who worked through platform and what is your experience? Thank you

Scam website:

Fake copy of the official Daedalus website. The “download” button at the top of the page links to a weird zip-file with some daedalus.exe inside.

:bangbang: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE :bangbang:


Thanks @vantuz-subhuman I have reported it to the domain registrar - please could other people also report it. Send an email to stating it is a scam site and serving malicious files.

Thank you!


Hi I would like to suggest that this is a serious topic and deserves a top level topic on this site next to Technical Support. I have a scam to report, apparently not active anymore but their site is still up and we can learn from what they did. Apparently they claimed to invest crypto assets but in fact just walked away with their ‘client’s’ capital (crypto assets). This was reported by a Japanese friend to me. apparently the contact info is a dead-end now. Here is a link with more info on the people impacted (in Japanese).

Can we have community safety alerts? We have a news letter, we could have a safety and security section or link at the top of every news letter? Also there could be a safety&security alert subscription dedicated to scams and protection.


Thank you very much for reporting this. The website meanwhile seems down, but wayback machine does not show anything related to Cardano. Can you confirm that ADA holders was affected/targeted by this scam?

In fact there is an email-address for scam-reports: Reporting abuse or scam sites and social media accounts

Also the community-driven maintains a list of reported ad known Scams.


I can confirm that the person that informed me of this was defrauded of ADA. You are right that this is not specifically aimed at the Cardano community. Thanks for the link, I was not aware of this and also not aware of the Reporting abuse or scam sites and social media accounts I will repost this info in these places.

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The wiki is a good source of information and we can also have something specific on the Help Centre showing an updated date to reference. We also monitor the email address. I do like the idea of the newsletter section.

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Hi Sir,

As you promised, the CF’s ADA wallet address will be announced by end of last month. can you keep your promises?

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!!Facebook Scam right now? States Input Output - Shows the IOHK logo and when clicked takes you to IOHK FB page. Asking for Bitcoin to be sent.

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The guys from whale alert also created a scam listing site

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Digging into these old posts…

Today I received a supposedly email from Coindesk, quite informative, and with some information about a new Cardano Foundation Staking pool called SingularityPool. There was a link to the Cardano Foundation with more information. ADA could be staked with up to 35% apy. That sounded extremely strange to me until I checked again the address: Yes, “Foundaton” without an i. So take care and don’t fall for it.

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