Restoring a Daedalus wallet without a recovery phrase

Hi. My Lenovo Thinkpad has 4 GB of ram and will no longer sync fully. Balance and transactions are 93.8% synced after days of running the computer. I can upgrade the ram to 8 gb only. I understand that I can restore the wallet on Yoroi etc. My problem is that I can’t find the recovery phrase for this wallet. My coins are in a stake pool(scar 2). Does anyone have any idea how to solve my problem? I have the original 12 word Cardano seed which I used to restore a wallet on my friend’s desktop(12 gb ram capacity). That Byron wallet’s transactions shows that I sent all the coins to my current wallet so that I could stake them. Is there a way to move my my wallet from the Thinkpad to another computer without the recovery phrase??

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There is a secret file with your keys somewhere but im not 100% aware of the location of that file.

Id recommand you to send an email to the IOG support ( and ask there.


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Tks for your reply.

I checked that secret file using import link on Daedalus. Unfortunately it is empty. I think it means my version of Daedalus was not old enough. :frowning:
Tks for the reply.

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So, u have a shelley wallet and u will need :

  • 24 seed words if it is a standard daedalus wallet
  • no seed words if it is a hardware wallet (ledger/trezor) but u will need to pair the hw wallet with dsedalus, yoroi,, etc to access the funds


hmm is it realy that you can restore without 24 seed words🤔 then settup a new spending word for moving out funds or it asks the old one🤯

and if u have windows OS u can increase the swap file… perhaps it will help

The IOHK website says: “Please note, importing wallets from state directories of Daedalus 1.0 onwards is not supported by this method, this is done automatically by Daedalus 3.3.0 or newer versions, provided the wallets are on the same state directory.”

If your installation is too new to have a secret.key file, you should be able to just copy the whole directory to a new installation and they promise that it will be automatically picked up.

make sure you have full backup of your computer before tinkering with files, versions etc .

just my two lovelaces

Tks for your reply. So I borrowed a friend’s desktop(12 GB ram) days ago and installed a Daedalus wallet on it then restored a Byron wallet using my original 12 word
Cardano seed. With 12 GB I was able to fully sync and verify my empty Byron wallet. It showed that I had sent all my coins to my ThinkPad(4GB ram) wallet in late 2020. Then I copied the entire Daedalus file from my ThinkPad to an external hard drive. I next uninstalled the Daedalus wallet on the desktop and pasted the ThinkPad Daedalus wallet to the desktop. When I ran the Daedalus program, the original Byron wallet was installed, NOT the ThinkPad wallet containing my coins. I repeated the procedure(uninstall, etc). Again the Byron wallet was in the program. I can’t understand why the ThinkPad wallet is not being installed. Any ideas? Tks in advance.