Retired pool can still mint blocks?

I did a bunch of tests on preview network, including setting and retiring a staking pool. To my surprise, my staking pool can still mint a valid block even after it is retired. See the freshly minted block below.

Is this expected? What is the consequence of retiring a pool if it can still mint blocks? Simply not receiving rewards?


How long ago was it retired? i.e. is it still in the process of retiring? Or fully retired now?

It is retired in last epoch, Epoch 34. The block is produced in epoch 35.

You can see more info about the pool, including its retirement and the latest block minted.


I saw something similar with my legacy testnet pool too…

My pool was retired in epoch 240, but still was producing blocks after…

It is probably yes because the BP will still have blocks allocated with 1,5 days before epoch change, but the rewards will be lost

@os11k I don’t see any block produced after epoch 240

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Hi @Alexd1985 here it is:

I believe u will make blocks next epoch after retirement (because of blocks allocation) … but I think no rewards … or did u receive any?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t receive any awards…

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I think this explanation makes sense. That is, a retired pool can still mint blocks for another epoch since the schedule is already determined.

My experiment supports this hypothesis. For (retirement + 2) or later epochs, the active stake is shown as 0 and no leadership scheduling is given.

My experiment also shows that pool does get reward for the post-retirement blocks. You can see the pending reward for my reward account issued just a couple of hours ago

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In my testnet legacy pool, seems I didn’t get any reward, after pool was retired:

Probably depends on if the owner’s key is still registered when the rewards are distributed?

It still shows as delegated: