Retrieve asset from smart contract

I sent mistakenly tokens to this smart contract address Transaction 0x6949e0dec37cb34528e029b8a0815bde16a56a95410c59bf9e34f8e75788cf8d - C1 Explorer. How can I find out if this smart contract has functionality to send tokens back?

from where did u copied the SC address?


Sorry, I don’t understand the question. I sent wada from 0x650a239c492044AFc24aF0a6887b1c738af94635(my wallet addres) to 0xae83571000af4499798d1e3b0fa0070eb3a3e3f9(smart contract address). This is the address where smart contracts from milkyada ada are stored.
Thanks for your attention and engagement.

aa ok, so milkomeda … then contact the support team and they will help you


I did but they said its not a wallet address but a smart contract address. But I read on the web that some smart contracts are coded in a way it can ttansfer back assets and I was wondering how can I check if this smart contract has this functionality.

Ok, to be clear, u sent another tokens than wada, or only wada?

Only wada.

ok, so u must have now wada available for swap… on which site did u tried? I just want to see if there are guides available… if u go to swap can’t u find your wada available?

No, I sent my wada by mistake to smart contract address owned by milkyexchange. Now I can’t get it back.

There’s 37M$ and my 250 wada on this address.:slight_smile:

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You still should ask the dcSpark team if there is a way to get your funds back. You won’t find any answers on the Cardano Forum, this is an Ethereum “problem”.


Thanks, I will do that. On Ethereum forum I was told this is a Cardano problem.

It is about an Ethereum transaction between Ethereum addresses.

First and foremost, it is probably a problem that only Milkomeda can solve – or they maybe cannot, because they haven’t built a solution into their contract.

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Thank you. I was wandering about that. Does currently exits a solution- a contract coded in a way that would allow only specific assets to be deposited or transferred and others rejected or allowed to be retrieved?

As far as I understood smart contracts (and I only even tried to look a bit at Cardano, not Ethereum smart contracts), rejection will be hard, because for normal transaction into the contact address (as yours), the contract is not even evaluated, before the transaction is confirmed.

It should not be too hard to code retrieval possibilities into them.

Maybe, if the space is more mature, it will become standard that on the one hand the contracts are all open source, well-commented and easily accessible without much searching and on the other hand contracts that do not offer retrieval possibilities and similar safe guards are frowned upon and warned about.

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To be honest, I have not done that deep of a research, how many contracts are open source if you look hard enough.

But for most projects it is already difficult enough to find their contract addresses documented somewhere. And they present their audits (by companies you never heard about) very proudly, but there is seldomly a “Look at it yourself!” link directly below it. So, I at least feel confident to say that there is room for improvement.

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I posted this thread earlier to dcSpark team who are behind the Milkomeda:
Hi. I mistakenly transferred wada to smart contract address owned by MilkyExchange. They say it can’t be retrieved because its a contract not wallet address. I am thinking shouldn’t this contracts be designed in a way you can’t sent specific assets to it or at least you can recover them if this happens? And secondly, do contracts like this exist currently?
Earlier I got response from the Milkyswap team who own the contract address where I sent my wada by mistake:
He got back to me.
He said the place you sent it isn’t a wallet address that can send it back. It was sent to the contract address so it’s not a valid address to retrieve it from.
As I gather the solution is not build into contract. But I will wait for the dcSpark team to respond, maybe they will find a way.

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It can’t be retrieved.

Sorry! :frowning:

I’d challenge the “Retrieval would be security risk.” take, but it doesn’t help for already deployed contracts, anyway.

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