Retrieve my 505 ada


I deposited 505 ada to create a stake pool since that is the initial deposit, however I have a change of mind and I want to withdraw it. How can I do this?

The coincashew guide has good instructions on how to retire your pool.

The problem is I wasn’t able to register my pool.
so retiring pool is not feasible?

Did you actually send the poolDeposit transaction?

Yes, I could see the balance by using this command . myWallet


Check your staking address on and see if the deposit transaction is showing there. If you have successfully deposited the 500 ada there should be a transaction with the “Deposit” showing.

but I want to withdraw the 500 going to my yoroi wallet,

If you have deposited the 500 ada the only way to get it back is to retire the stake pool (dereg).

Or is this a question of how to just get the 505 back off the wallet that you generated?

yes I want my 505 ada back to my yoroi wallet.

Then generate a transaction from that wallet you created back to your yoroi wallet. You’ll need to follow the cardano-cli instructions for generating that transaction. I’m not too good on the cli side of things.

from coincashew? section :money_with_wings: 18.9 Send a simple transaction example?

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Yeah, good idea,

fyi, the pool fee is returned to your stake/rewards addr and make sure you are fully sync’d to the chain before building/executing your transaction