Revuto ADA address to use in Revuto Signup


What the ADA Address we can use in signup to Revuto ?

can we use Echange address example Binance or must be Wallet to receive token like Yoroi


Hi S,
I’ve used my daedalus address. I don’t know if it’s working with an exchange, but i don’t think so. Correct me if i’m wrong :slight_smile:

I watched few videos and they used the wallet address, so I think u are right, exchanges wallet addresses are not supported

Please be careful with investing your money in projects, even if they run Cardano token. To me personally they look like a typical MLM scheme and bring no value to the table Multi-level marketing - Wikipedia. Swapping the Cardano token to ERC20 tokens and putting them on Uniswap is another red flag to me.
Please do your own research.

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Hi Team

Revuto its not scam they CEO is shown with direct live and multiple martial proof is not scam so for the address its work , I discussed in official telegram with support and community channel is working, the last round table to invest is running and mine is passed successfully using exchange wallet , so thanks all for your support

So why didn’t you ask your question in their “official telegram with support and community channel”.
Aggressive marketing from new registered users is another red flag, thanks for proving my point.


Because I’asked all channels in same time, in order to obtain the answer and quick my signup asap to avoid any miss or issue, than also user experience and issue only experimented person who already try it can more efficient to help in and I think forum is the right place to share and get the tricks and how to do , Agressive idea why ??? you have seen my shared links or something like this to promote this platform :shushing_face: :roll_eyes: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :no_mouth:

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