Ripple head of sales takes a stab at Cardano

Ross D’Arcy was just quoted as saying: "We are not doing any POC’s or science experiments but rather solving real use cases.”

Science experiment? Oh oh, someone feels threatened.


And that’s the exact problem, that they are not doing any experiments and analysis.


hater’s gone to kill there own project but cardano will last long in terms of technology advancement and underlying problem in crypto world not just the payment system that ripple market in the banks but the fundamentals in crypto blockchain that’s why peer review and science analysis in cryptography then building the codes from the scrach is not an easy why but the hardest that cardano devs are going but it’s a long shot if we want to offer the world the blockchain they want…salute for cardao next bus STOP SHELLY Phase WE RIDE!.

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Like Cardano is doing, you can dream with me. I am still trying to digest.

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there is actually spelled “their” when used in the possessive case of the pronoun- I’m not trying to ba a know-it-all, but it is a REALLY important distinction when writing.

yah! i thought so…think you for grammar lesson bro. I appreciated that as commend.

Leading Ethereum Classic (ETC) Development Team Shuts Down Operations Due to Funding - Ethereum World News

Not so promising for ETC which is something that Charles had a leading role in. what’s your point on this?

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Not a leading role but an adviser for ETC.

Hoskinson left Ethereum, joined another group in 2016, the creators of Ethereum Classic. His key role was to guide the group in developing what would later become ETC. you’re kidding right? He damn near is one of the founders of ETC. ask him yourself. You must not know much as this is common knowledge.

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First they ignore you. Then the laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

At least Cardano is through the first phase. Let’s see what happens in 6 months :slight_smile:

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Cardano has the same problem with every other crypto right about now. Why do you think everyone is accelerating dev?

Lets just hope his consulting doesn’t result the same mistake with Cardano and miss the level of funding needed to finish his project, ETC had lots of growing interest in that it doesn’t have the unresolved legacy ETH has and did improve on the original.

Ross, are you assuming they aren’t in contact with people who have real world experience and know the problems.

There can be no doubt that they will experience unforeseen problems, Cardano’s project isn’t to JUST be a blockchain between big banks. It will have quantum level security, far superior contract capability and KYC application Day1.

Cardano isn’t mining for gold at big banks. They are providing the picks and shovels (all the features developers need). Who made the most money in the 1849 gold rush. The minors or the guys selling picks shovel shirts, pants, sugar, salt, and cigars? History tells us it wasn’t the guys digging for gold and it won’t be Ripple XRP… How is that giant cash of tokens you guys are holding for yourselves doing?

for me it will not because they are smart guy that will not do same mistake over again…charles leave ETC in good faith charles know’s that without treasury the protocol will not be sustainable in a long run and the system dies without proper funding allocation such truth is part of blockchain to improve more and advance. funds are needed for the devs to continue without it development will not be sustained.

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The point you make is a very good one. Are you aware a portion of the staking pool money goes directly back into a treasury for the maintenance and operation of the Cardano block Chain. It’s a significant amount so they can maintain an edge.

Lets consider the wisdom inside IOHK. They just bought into Y2X an incubator for new projects. Their team are real institutional money guys who evaluate projects, fund them and help develop their projects. All the projects will be built on Cardano. Isn’t it amazing that IOHK isn’t just funding projects but also company"s that fund and build projects. That kind of thinking is an absolute must to succeed to maintain an edge and lead a market.