Risk of sharing Daedalus Address

So, someone asked me for my address to send me some ADA. I don’t know this person personally and they are only sending a small amount.

Is there any risk that people with your Daedalus wallet address can somehow use it to try and get hold of the content of that wallet?

Is it risky sharing address? I assume it should not be as this is the only way we can get ADA sent into wallet

nope, it’s safe why shouldn’t be? it’s just an address

  • do not share the SEED WORDS or the SPENDING PASSWORD (keep them safe somewhere offline where no one has access)
  • also keep your PC clean, do not click on suspicious links or do not download any suspicious app otherwise your PC can be compromised and you can lose the FUNDS.

IF u follow this rules you will be safe!

Just to add my 2c.

If you have an amount of ADA you care not to lose by any means, use a hardware wallet if you are doing many transactions. If you are just holding you can also use an air-gapped machine. There is a great risk of the spending password being too easy to crack or getting malware on the device that acts as a keylogger or clipboard hijacker.