SanchoNet attack, strike 2

We are presently attacking the SanchoNet with over 200 invalid CC credentials per block.(White hat hacking) To do so, we are using 16 different wallets to submit those transactions in parallel to make sure to fill every block during a full Epoch (1 day). The goal is to reach around 1.3Millions invalid credential and measure the impact of this behavior on the ledger when its going to remove them.

  • Having presently no deposits required to authorize CC-hot-keys, we could submit hundreds of thousands invalid certificates for around 400 tADA total fees so far.

  • We suggested the possibility to make the node reject the transaction locally if the submitted key hashes didn’t match the ones owned by the actual CC-members (which is not the case at the moment.)


  • To add a small deposit that would not be paid back to the submiter at the epoch boundary, if the submited certificate is invalid.

I will keep you informed of the progress when we will be done spamming the chain. Here is a link to a video explaining what we’re trying to do.


Thats a mind blowing video for a newbie like me. I dont think blockchain can be attacked like the way did. In your opinion how secure the Cardano blockchain is? compared with competitor like polygon, solana etc. I thought your are very expert in blockchain security.

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I think Cardano is the most secure blockchain of the entire industry. Our second attempt failled even though we massively spammed the records with 1.5 millions invalid credentials within 24 hours by filling up every single block on the testnet.


Thanks for your reply. That’s awesome. Thanks

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