Say hello to Semperfi pool [SMPRF]

Please, let me say a big hello to the network after finally making the transition from testnet to mainnet. Our miniature stake pool is called Semperfi (ticker SMPRF) and is looking for the very first stakers to be able to contribute to the decentralization process.

We, the pool operators are a bunch of IT guys mainly from network engineering and server administration (we work for an ISP) and this is our hobby. We choose not to run anything from home, nor on desktop grade hardware. Our pool is running in the cloud and our nodes are spread across multiple data centers. Currently we are working on a new website where we would like to share some real-time monitoring data from our monitoring node.

Let me just say a few words regarding our experience so far with the Cardano community. Actually, let me just say one word - AMAZING. So far this is one of coolest projects we have participated in besides our dayjobs in years. So many knowledgeable and passionate people around, making new friends and still learning new things. Thanks for that!

Feel free to check us out on or contact us on social media via Twitter or Telegram.



Welcome and best of luck. I literally just launched my pool too, when did you register yours? Do you know if your cluster is already processing transactions?

Hello Giovanni, thanks.
I have launched my pool over the weekend. After starting to anounce my relay addresses to the network via the “TopologyUpdater” API I have started to process transaction in about 24 hours.