Scammed 9 spacebudz


i just got scammed.

i used Eternl wallet.

i saw this on my Account Transaction History:


+1Additional Rewards on CLAY

As i have a clay nation pitch nft i thought it was a reward and connected my wallet to the website (big mistake).

this is the transation id: Transaction 0840cf8242d4c134994a2145e3e277daeb00f38813dfb4513370750fbf18f3b3 - Cardanoscan

hope you can help me.

Sadly there is nothing we can do about that. There are plenty of these scam tokens around but once the transaction has been confirmed by the network, theres nothing you can do about that.

I do recommand to report this case to your local authorities and hope for the best.

Ok. Thanks for the reply.

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