Second Episode of "Let's talk Cardano" - A Cardano Debit Card

In this podcast I discuss my some of my personal thoughts about how Cardano could drastically change the world. I also discuss the proposed Cardano debit card and what it could mean if it was ready for the 2020 Olympics. If you’re interested in joining me for a discussion please let me know :smile:

This podcast is now available as and audio podcast on Itunes or whatever Android podcast App you use.




was planning to buy a second house to invest some money since everything being a bubble with a house I can at least live in it… but after this podcast… should I put everything into Cardano? :thinking::disappointed_relieved::triumph::exploding_head::crazy_face:

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If I already owned a house I would put more into Ada. But that’s mostly because I like to support Cryptocurrencies and I think this one has the highest chance of reaching mass adoption. Nothing is certain in this world. Don’t take on risk you can’t afford.


if Cardano is successful, the price will keep on rising (not to stop even in 2020) this would make it unlikely that people will start using the CardanoCard and spend their ADAs

What if they had all their money stored in Ada? How are they going to eat/pay rent etc if they don’t spend it? People have to spend. I see your point but I think your prediction is too general.

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Great podcast.

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