SecuX Wallet and ADA portal timed out

Hello, I cannot send any ADA back out of my Sexuz wallet as I never have enough time to complete the address and amount before it times out. The Secux guys suggest it is the portal not their system. Thoughts please?

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Never heard of SecuX before your post, but …

… as far as I could see on, the portal is also theirs, not from a third party, isn’t it? Then, they are probably the only ones who can help there.

do you have a countdown for inserting the address and the amount?

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No there is nothing on screen and the Secux support do not mention this. They simply say ask the Community as it’s not them…

But … is there even a community? This “ADA Portal” does not mention that it is built by someone else than SecuX, does not have any links to support or a community.

There are lots of people using lots of wallet apps with Ledgers and Trezors, but for this? Never seen someone. And Google also does not really find any community forum for it.

How do you know that it is a timeout then?


I get a Secux code (42) that support tell me is timed out. How do you think I should progress? I appreciate your help.

You could try to get a contact to whoever is responsible for this ADA Portal. If SecuX insist that they are not, they should at least be able to tell you who is.

(I don’t think that it’s the time you take for entering the information. The connection to the hardware wallet is typically only made after all the transaction data are complete. It sounds more like they are right and the portal does something wrong when requesting the signature from the hardware wallet and it then times out. But it’s just guessing and won’t really help, unless you find someone who can fix this portal.)

In any case, they state on “Therefore, if SecuX was to unfortunately shut down, you will still be able to access your transaction history and assets via a third-party website or wallet using your 24 Recovery Words.”

I would perhaps try to get the instructions for that – and specifically for Cardano – from them just in case. Being dependent on a single company/service (and their support skills) is not that assuring.

Im having a similar problem with secux after the recent firmware and SE update when i try to go to the ada portal i get “acess denied try using a WebUSB connection” my wallet is connected with a usb cord though. I can acess my other coins just not the ada portal. I’ve had the wallet for about 6 or 7 months never had a problem before. Ada is my largest holding I hope customer support comes through with a solution =*(