Seeking recommendation and advice for basic website hosting/design

Hello all,
I’m starting up a stake pool and I need to build a basic webpage for it. I am more comfortable doing CLI LINUX for my node then I am setting up a website.
Do you have any recommendations for the easiest way to set up a basic but attractive webpage? I’m not even sure where to start.

Isn’t there a requirement to host some json files in your website folder?

Im not a coder at all but personally i can recommend wordpress as CMS.
It is an drag and drop back end system, where you dont need to think about code. I use it for my own website and love it.

You can google it or look for some videos out there (there are many of these). You can build up very big website projects and also little static pages.

Great. Thanks. I see a lot of wordpress in the various hosting services I have looked at.
Do you have a particular hosting service you like?

I’m not planning a very complicated website. I just need so convey some basic info.

So im living in germany and we have very strict privacy laws and strict datasecurity laws (GDPR law)
So ive looked for hoster located in germany.
For my own project i use and they also have offers for global customers

If you can code on Linux you could also set it up on your own little linux computer, just to mention it.

Thanks! I’ll check out Ionos.
edit: i see they have a lot of website building tools on their site but I dont see wordpress there. I must be missing something.

EDIT AGAIN: nevermind. I found it. It took me awhile to get out of their webbuilder funnel.

Hi @michaelb1, I would say Wordpress if you want flexibility. I use WIX because it is just darn easy. Good luck with your pool and website!

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Thanks but I’m just going to put up a basic splash page. If I ever expand to a full site I’ll let you know.