Sending from Nami to Yoroi and getting error Mempool full transaction failed

I am trying to send ada from my Nami wallet to my Yoroi wallet but it is giving me the error “Mempool full transaction failed”, does anyone no how to fix this or what might be causing it ?


Restore the NAMI wallet on and try from there… if not, have patient till the network will be decongested


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Hello @Wahlay30 Wah

Today they released a full Dex on Cardano with out changing parameters to test how congestion will affect the network and blockchain.

Seems that Nami wallet is affected by this congestion the most since it’s one of the few with smart contract capabilities.

Best option is to just give it a day to to clear up or if you are in a rush you can restore like @Alexd1985 suggested.

However, even after you try another wallet be prepared to wait a few hours for it to clear up.

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Okay thank you, i will be patient for now.