Sending from yoroi without ledger?

I’m newbie. Please explain following…
I bought ledger x and its good to go.
I downloaded yoroi and connected ledger and have a wallet in yoroi now.

Im testing and trying to send and receive.
BUT I Can still send from yoroi to my wallet, even though my ledger x is not connected anyhow. And I see the transaction completed both places with the ledger stil off…

So is Yoroi safe enough… It seems like everybody with access to app can send my ledger crypto… So what’s the point with ledger X??
This concerns me… Please explain this to me…

This means that you didnt connect your Ledger with Yoroi. You probably created a new wallet on Yoroi instead of connecting with your Ledger device.

The point is that u can receive funds in yoroi but u can’t send funds from yoroi without ledger confirmations

I quess I ll try again. Just wanted to make sure that it is not possible to send without ledger… And that the fault is on me.

Yes ok. That what I wanted. I ll try again to make new wallet.

Don’t need, u already have one right?

Yes have wallet in yoroi and ledger… But can’t find any place to connect them

What do u mean? Your ADA now are on ledger or simple yoroi wallet?

To access ada via yoroi (if are stored on ledger) u need to pair the ledger with yoroi:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledger

On yoroi near wallet name u should see ledger wallet