Sending funds issues (Just - "An error occurred") on latest Daedalus version 0.12.0#

On Daedalus wallet latest version 0.12.0# , I am trying to send to binanace exchange ADA wallet some funds and I just get - “An error occurred” on any amount I am trying to send before even getting into the spending password window. The amount field turns red with the error above it.
I tried to restore my wallet on different computer. Restore went well, still same issue.
Any idea what can be the problem? or how can investigate what is the issue ?

This is quite urgent.



Also, will be a good idea to submit the issue through the wallet to get a ticket into the support queue. I have the same issue and have not gotten a response yet from the team. The more the merrier in terms of being about aware of this issue. The error is occurring as part of a field validation on the amount field.


Thanks for your response. Yes, I opened a ticket, without a response yet as well. Holidays…and it is the end of the year. Taxes… !!!
This is why it is really urgent, if someone from support/dev can see the post…


Hi @esorek Eyal. The support team will definitely be the best people to help via the support ticket so you’ve absolutely done the right thing :slightly_smiling_face:

I just hope they will make it before the end of the year…

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It looks like this error is thrown on " generic API error". Are you sure the spending password is correct?

Maybe it’s worth a try to recover the Wallet in Yoroi?

They’re not getting as far as entering it, the problem is while entering the amount. Just going to try replicating this.

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Just a desperate guess. Speaking of desperate guesses did you try entering text and strange symbols?

Well wouldn’t you expect it to throw an error in that case?? Yes, it does, but for me seems ok when using numerals.

No, I added in the amount field plain numbers of the actual amount I want to send and couldn’t get out of the amount field, with it being red and - “An error occurred” - notification.
Like a bug in the field validity rule.

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Tried again to send now to huobi exchange and not binanace - Same Issue as before, I don’t even get to the next button, to enter my password, since it blocks me in the amount field regardless the amount nor address I specify.

It looks like some validation of the amount field fails:


I tried to restore my wallet on another computer - Same issue.

BTW, both computers were MacOS.

It might be some weird Mac wallet bug in the amount field validation.

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Tried today also to restore my wallet on Windows - same issue.

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I am having the same issue guys. Very frustrating! This is the first problem I’ve ever had with Daedalus, but it is a major one. I have been desperately trying to sell a little bit of ADA for a week now and I can’t even send any.

Tried restoring, tried reinstalling, next step is to try another PC but it looks like that won’t work either judging by esorek’s experiences. I am using Windows 10 on a freshly built expensive gaming/mining rig with modern hardware.

I also found this video while trying to work out how to restore Daedalus wallets in Yoroi. I haven’t tried this yet as it’s a last resort, I prefer to keep my main funds in Daedalus:

@esorek Hello,
You can quickly import a Daedalus wallet into Yoroi using your Daedalus 12 word phrase, which can be useful if the most important problem is that you need to access your funds.

Here is a video I made, at 7:58 shows how to do so

Good luck,



It worked !!!

You are tha MAN !

Thanks a lot,



Eyal, good to hear that. Yoroi can work wonders, I look forward to what it will be able to do next year.


Edit: now that you have access to your funds, maybe this buys you time to sort out the Daedalus issue.

This will be handy when answering questions.

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Right. Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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