Sending funds/ redemption/ two addresses

Hi there, I installed Daedalus today. I transferred some ada from Coinspot to an address. After sending I realized I hadn’t uploaded a certificate or done the redemption. How can this be done so I can receive my funds? I also generated two addresses in my received funds. The coins were sent to the bottom one of the two where it says generated addresses. I’m a bit worried. Assistance is required to help a beginner here. Thanks heaps.

Hi there. :slight_smile:

I’m quoting @Paddington because they put it nice and concise.

“From an official partner exchange you don’t need a certificate, just patience, if the address was correct your coins will come, maybe up to ten hours later at the moment.”

You don’t need a certificate or redemption key. Bittrex appears to be under a heavy load and send/receive orders are backed up.

Something you can do to help give you some piece of mind. In your Bittrex Wallets you should see a Pending Withdrawals section. Your transfer should be listed in there while its still “Pending” i.e. queued up in the Bittrex transfer queues. Once the Pending Withdrawals clears it should be on its way to your Daedalus wallet.

I have had a lot of very quick transfers from Bittrex and a couple slow ones. With the current crypto exuberance and volume of trading I understand why Bittrex is hammered.

Hang in there. You will get your transfer! :slight_smile:

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