Sending Multiple NFT's from Daedalus to Yoroi, Transaction 'failed?' questions

I just sent 30 NFT’s from my Daedalus wallet to my Yoroi wallet. It took around 45 minutes but then stated on Yoroi transaction status ‘High’ so I presumed all is well. I also checked my for the wallet address and the nft’s had transfered according to that. I then went to send another 30 NFT’s however the Yoroi Wallet is now showing ‘Failed’ on that first transaction. Also if I go to the ‘Send’ tab on the Yoroi wallet the NFT’s are not there to be sent…

My questions are; Firstly is this a familiar situation and if so what is happening and where will those nft’s end up? will they get returned to the Daelaus Wallet or appear in Yoroi or are they somehow lost in space?

Secondly in future what is a sensible number of NFT’s to send in one transaction? Is there a limit and how much ada needs to be sent with the transaction?

Thirdly if the shows the nfts at the new wallet address does this mean that they are indeed now belonging to that new wallet?

Thanks, feedback welcome,

Update - It seems now that the ‘Failed’ has changed to ‘High’ and indeed the NFT’s are there able to be Sent. So not sure what happened exactly.

It would be good to still know if there is a sensible limit to the number of NFT’s I should send in one transaction.