Trouble moving rewards from one hardware wallet to another

Hey Folks, I have two hardware wallets paired in daedalus right now. I am trying to move my rewards I have accumulated from one wallet to the new wallet but it keeps giving me a ‘not enough money’ error.

I already have enough funds in the original wallet to pay for the fees but it still won’t let me.

Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!


Try to pair your sender wallet with yoroi


Thanks for your reply. So I paired my Yoroi wallet, then tried to transfer the funds and it is still saying not enough money. I have 15 ADA and 1400 rewards in the wallet right now. Is that not enough to cover the fees? I really am stumped on how to consolidate these reward funds in my new wallet.

Ur 15 ADA should be enough but u are using hw wallet… wait

Now… the wallet with ITN rewards … is the wallet from ledger? Did u participated with ledger to ITN test?

Both wallets are from Ledger yes. No, I only started accumulating rewards after shelly mainnet went live. I also reached out to IOHK support as this seems like a bug. Really not sure what im doing wrong.

Aaa ok, so u have the wallet in shelley ; ur rewsrds are from pool stack once shelley was released right? No ITN rewards

Correct, both wallets are mainnet shelly hardware wallets paired with my Ledger devices.

Understood, then u should only press rewards; withdraw on yoroi

Not really sure what you are trying to say, sorry.

Hey, just wanted to say I ended up figuring it out. After I withdrew my rewards via Yoroi I was able to transfer them to my HW wallet in daedalus. Bummer that daedalus is having issues with this though, I was told Daedalus automatically added your reward funds to your main wallet. Cheers.and thanks again.