Sent two payments to the same address while making a manual deposit on Swyftx

When I was withdrawing funds from my Yoroi wallet into my exchange I mistakenly send two identical seperate payments into the same address they provided me. While one went through fine the other is still missing. I have let them know and am currently waiting on the support team to get back to me. Is there a way I will be able to retrieve my ada?

Yoroi should have provided two separate distinct transaction ids. If both transaction ids are in then the transactions have been sent and there is no way to reverse them.

You will need to sort this out with the exchange.

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In that case I’ll continue to follow up with them then. If I have the transaction ID for both payments is there a chance I’ll be able to recover my transaction from the address I sent it too?

Were they sent to same address? If not, do both addresses belong to the exchange?

If the answer to either question is “yes” then the exchange should recognize the fact that you double deposited. How you reconcile that with the exchange is up to you and the exchange.

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They were both sent to the same address. Hopefully there wont be any issues. Thanks for the help.

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