Serv Network - Decentralized services network

Hey everyone, looking towards fund 3 I wanted to share a project as soon as possible, get some feedback and then look out for anyone that may want to collaborate!

The project is Serv Network -

Here is also a starting point on planning the architecture -

Serv is a decentralized services network. On the site you’ll find a summary of the benefits and a starting point for the whitepaper that goes over the background and purpose behind the project.

There are plenty of big ideas to share so I’m looking forward to going through them with anyone interested in hearing more about the project.

Looking for collaborators

My background is as a JavaScript developer working on web and mobile projects (React / React Native / GraphQL / Node JS / Serverless).

At the moment the biggest impact to the project would be finding some more smart contract engineer talent to provide oversight or work with the project and throw ideas back and forth with.

Someone can collaborate in any capacity with the project whether that’s as a mentor / advisor or helping part time or full time - fully up to them.

The most important thing is to make sure if anyone wants to help the project that their input is recorded and they are compensated fairly. I wrote about this on the site under compensation -

If you or someone you know has smart contract experience either with Solidity or starting to play with Plutus then it would be great to chat. Engineers with Haskell experience would also be great to work with and bring in more skill diversity to what I am use to at the moment.

If you’d be interested in helping in any way then reach out on discord -

Seeking developer community support

At the moment I’m trying to weigh up between the options of developing the project using:

  • Reach (
  • Plutus
  • JS/TS with IELE

I’m already talking to the team behind Reach but would greatly benefit from understanding the tradeoffs between each of the Cardano ecosystem options.

In the architecture ( work so far I’ve added some questions I’m trying to answer about Cardano whilst learning about the ecosystem.

If there is any community / developer support to help provide answers to these questions and others that pop up it would be great to aggregate this information in a resource for people who need to make decisions on how to implement their own projects.

Giving back through improving educational content

For fund 3 the two biggest targets for the Serv network project are to:

  1. Develop a version 1 architecture for Serv network and implement it
  2. Provide resources back to the community that help improve the process for others when designing out their own projects

My background is not in smart contracts but as I make that transition one thing that can be beneficial is bringing together the most useful resources as they emerge and adding further value where needed. Extra visual diagram or explanations to explain why architecture decisions were made would be very useful to others coming into the ecosystem.

Hopefully I can bring a good perspective to the onboarding developer process to speed it up for future developers as I am starting to go through that now myself and have lots of questions to answer from the currently limited amount of resources I can find (understandably!).

If anyone already has a good aggregation of resources whether for smart contracts in general, Solidity of Cardano I’d love to see what I haven’t found so I can review it. Reach out on discord -

In the architecture ( work so far I’ve added some questions I’m trying to answer about Cardano which I’m trying to answer whilst learning about the eco-system.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Looking forward to talking more with everyone.


The project scope and focus has been updated and you can find out more on Ideascale with the proposal for fund 3: :partying_face:

I like the idea! Do u know of similar projects utilizing other protocols?

Hey @jochen, for web 3.0 projects the most notable example I’d say is which helps with funding in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I’m actually working on an updated focus for the Serv project at the moment, can message me on Discord and can go over any ideas or what I’m working on - Serv Network