Server/Workstation Monitoring

Hello Everyone! Glad to be part of History here! I’m new to this forum but have been investing In crypto , like many of us, since 2017. I have been keeping up with all the news and all the AMA CH Puts on his YT channel! Excited for the journey we are all embarking! Formalities aside, I’ve been wondering what are you using to monitor your node/pool ? I’m familiar with how MSP’s work and I’m intermediate when it comes to tech so I was wondering what are the best tools out there to monitor that also integrate with the phone. I work a 9-5 so having good crucial communication would be nice! Thanks in advance!


Welcome Ricky (@RickyyValdez), great to have you :metal:

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There are multiple avenues for monitoring.
For ITN, Community came up with websites (eg: pooltool, telegram notification bots (reward notification, as well as pool monitoring notifications), android apps (eg: pegasus) with daily notifications.
You can expect similar - or even more options for mainnet - besides notifications from within wallets