Shelley is floating cloud

i think so shelley is floating cloud.

  1. Uncertain roadmap
  2. Continue to be delayed (2018 Q1~ 2019 Q???)
  3. Uncertain testnet and mainnet date
  4. Shelley could be a Scam

What the f… shelley


  1. Really white, or off-yellow?
  2. Uncertain direction (Just floating around?!?)
  3. Never touched/Can’t eat
  4. Clouds could be a scam
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1.Uncertain future
2.Death keeps getting delayed (2008 Q1~ 2019 Q???)
3.Uncertain reproduction date
4.I could be a Scam

What the f… me

Sorry had too much fun with @alabrash’s post

I don't think it's a scam. But if it is....

It’s crazy if only Shelley is a scam but not Byron. If you’re saying Shelley is a scam then by extension, Cardano is a scam. If it is a scam then what an elaborate, highly technical, costly, and nerdy scam it is.

Producing all those research papers (written by probably fake names from fake universities too bad you can’t verify their identities because the internet’s probably fake as well, be careful), having a group of people collaborate to make github commits (probably bots just submitting the same exact thing a million times to simulate real people, too bad you can’t verify them on github, github’s probably a scam too), appearances and efforts in multiple countries (easily photoshopped, the videos are CGI, can’t verify with the people in the pictures coz they’re probably not real, those countries are most likely a scam made by every geography teacher), talks with government officials (could be impersonators, news articles regarding such events were probably a well-organized fiction from reporters/journalists of different media organizations), people from the community who seem wise enough to distinguish the difference between a scam from the real thing and produce content such as adatainment, the Cardano effect podcast, the Rock Pi nodes (oh no, they’re all in it, too; charges should’ve been made against them long ago, why are we just finding out now this is all a scam?)

I’m so sorry, but this logic is just so… hollow? No guarantee ADA will give anyone investment gains but the human (who could be a bot) writing this wall of text knows the Cardano team is creating innovation that will make an impact to who knows what percentage of the world population.


You could be a FUDder

  1. True.
  2. So true.
  3. Again it is true.
  4. I’m not sure about this. But the longer the delay the more it become looks real.

In Conclusion.

  1. Make detailed roadmap, with more detail timeframe. But visible.
  2. No more delayed, stick to the schedule.
  3. See Number 1.
  4. Cardano is not a scam.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
That floats on high o’er vales and hills…

Oh hang on, that was Wordsworth not Shelley…


Best forum post so far today! :laughing:

Thought you Brits might like that one…

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lmao every geography teacher…

You crazy taco cat

Don’t people even go to GitHub and check the progress of code. FYI they even had pull requests submitted today. It is actively being developed. I suggest that before anyone spreads this type of fud, they actually look at the pull and commits on GitHub.

If anyone is not familiar how it works, you can take a course on udemy.

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They are right on target!


Beautiful work.


Too much obsession with Shelly , like it is going to change universe :slight_smile:

Give them time to develop , for a change , something bug free.

At this stage, instead of inventing obscure names for every Cardano upgrade/protocol, they should stick with robust business model.

I m not so sure, and precisely for that i m worried … as if everybody believes in their core that Cardano is Bug free ( which it isnt ) once something is found, the eco would be loud!

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Told you just make fomo