Shelly mainnet staking!

Hey guys,
From what i understand staking on mainnet with my wallet(not yoroi) i will get a new 15 word seed to stake why?? What will happen with my 12 words seed still have to put my 12 words in a safe box?? Iff you lost those new 15 words what then?? Are the funds locked forever or still can send/gett /sell with my spending password??:+1:
Why not stake with your 12words when created your wallet??.
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For staking on mainnet you will not get or need a new seed phrase.

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asking this because seen this on reddit??

I’m sorry I made an assumption and it was wrong. :confounded:


So i think have to wait when mainnet shelly is live for more details about this🤔.need no more seeds have allready couple of them from other crypto😬.
Anyway tumbs up for you robjf :+1:
Happy ada holdings !!!

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So to stake you need an address which is compatible with staking.

This is why on testnet you need to create another wallet after you access your testnet ADA.

The same will happen on mainnet. The current wallets do not support staking.

So yes, you will need to create a new wallet on mainnet, which will come with new seed words and support staking.

Edit: It is not possible to create these wallets yet. Once Shelley goes to mainnet, every new wallet created thereafter will support staking. As long as the wallet wants to support staking.

Daedalus and Yoroi, including hard wallets will be supported. Then this is why it is up to the exchanges / third party wallets if they want allow staking and something Cardano cannot answer.

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Sorry Luke but this isn’t clear to me. Create another wallet, after restoring? Don’t believe I’ve seen that before.

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Getting confused guys​:grin::thinking:,team ada must do it much eazy like drop drag put spending password and go for it​:grinning:

When Daedalus asks for you to create a ‘reward wallet’ this is so you can send your textnet ada to it to stake (it’s the address which is compatible)

You can check that your mainnet balance was accurately captured using the balance wallet, which is captured as part of the wallet restoration process. In future phases of the incentivised testnet, when delegation rewards are available, you’ll need to create a rewards wallet (and transfer funds to it) to participate in stake delegation. Rewards are not available yet, but you can test your ability to create a rewards wallet and transfer funds as part of the Daedalus balance check wallet.


It only gets complicated if you make it.

Actually what is required by an end user to stake is unbelievably easy.

  • Mainnet ADA in Daedalus or Yoroi for snapshot

  • once testnet daedalus or yoroi is available enter seed phrases in there to the mainnet wallet that had your ADA in on snapshot.

  • you will have access to your testnet ada.

  • create a rewards wallet on testnet and send your ada to it

  • stake ada


That’s the part that got me confused.
Can someone from IOHK / CF confirm that we need to move our ADA from our mainnet wallet to a newly created testnet rewards wallet in order to be able to stake?
I might be wrong but I have doubts about this

If I’m correct: you’ll just move your tesnet balance to that wallet. So it’s still ‘fictional’ if you will. Mainnet ADA never leaves your wallet in this step.

To avoid a comment sh*tstorm :joy: In mainnet staking they’ll also remain in your wallet. You simply delegate.

Thank you, that was also my understanding.

Hi @CosmosX I haven’t at any point said send your mainnet ADA to your testnet wallets.

When you restore a wallet within the testnet using your mainnet seed words an exact copy of your ADA will be there.

That testnet ADA will need to be sent to another testnet wallet compatible with staking

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Thank you Luke, we’re all on the same page