Shifting stake between wallets

Hi again. Can anyone advise that if I shift my stake that I have delegated to my own pool from the Daedalus wallet to a connected hardware wallet which I immediately stake again to my own pool, will there be a gap in the live stake. In other words will it take 2 or 3 epochs before my live stake is back to what it was? Thanks

Thanks - can I just check if this is right - so if I have 100k ADA delegated to my pool from Wallet A and then I create a new wallet - Wallet B and put say 20 ADA in it and delegate it to my pool. After 2 or 3 epochs (not sure exactly) I then transfer my funds of 100k from wallet A to wallet B will my live stake remain at 100k the whole time?

You can do it with no problem… your active stake will be unchanged if you are delegating in same epoch… will be affected only if (for eg) you send your ada to the new wallet in epoch 238 and you will delegate ada from ur new wallet in epoch 239…

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I removed my previous post, I was wrong :frowning: … when looking at the graphic it looks more evident… if you just move your ada to wallet B and delegate straight to your pool, your active stake will stay unchanged

Thanks - thats great