Should I switch from Coinbase?

Hi there, as alternative for coinbase i switched to no fees and quick. I think way better then coinbase, i switched month ago because i didn’t like coinbase because of their fees and also as you mentioned their report to IRS

Exactly! Lets say that a person or entity you interacted with was in Moldova or for example Binance in Malta, don you really think serving them papers overseas is a viable solution to a claim action? Letsa say its a small claim action for 1000 US. The server fees will cost you a bundle. In the US, specifically California, 50 bucks. Heck, if I wanted, I could take BART, go to Coinbase and have them served. They would have to show up or risk default. Think thats going to happen to a firm overseas? Doubt it.

I hadn’t heard of Coinbase Pro before. I’ve been hearing of it from a couple of sources lately. Your mention was the first but I didn’t understand it was a separate service of Coinbase. I’ll look into it.

Yes, I have a weekly schedule purchase of Ethereum for $100. A market order. The money comes out of my bank account and I get charged a $2.99 fee for the bank service. That’s the only fee I’m charged. Then I move the ETH to Binance and make a limit order there for ADA. Next I send it to my wallet and Binance charges me 1 ADA for that.

I just sent $100 to a Kraken account and they charged me $5.00 as a service fee for that.

I have to say that getting a Kraken account very straight forward. I had all kinds of issues with Coinbase. The Kraken customer service is outstanding. I used their chat whenever I had questions. But their trading interface is something I can only call bizarre. I had no idea what was going on. I just wanted to get my money out of there. I don’t know if I’ll go back.

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I’m a newbie. I don’t have much idea what to try. But overall searching for a good one to invest some money. On the otherhand looking for a reliable crypto tool. So that I can get update instantly using a single tool.

If you link your bank account there should be no bank fee. If you make a limit order there will be no exchange fee either. Kraken is easier to set up because there is no KYC and it’s not American.

I’ll look into it more closely. My question then is how do they make money if it’s all free?

I do not like their interface for buying. I wanted to by ADA so I ended up going to Binance to find out what the current price was. It’s a really bad UI.

The trick is to use coinbase pro. This requires you transfer fiat in, wait 3-5 days for it to clear if you’re doing ACH (wire who knows).
The spread on pro is WAY WAY better and the fees aren’t much diff from binance.

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That’s helpful. Thanks for the details buddy @kyleo.

The takers pay the exchange fee, not the makers. It’s explained int the FAQ.

Another article on the surveillance company Coinbase just purchased:


If looking solely for ICO’s and brand new projects, you might look to Galaxy Digital (BRPHF) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They invest in ICO’s and other blockchain venture’s. I have a chunk in my IRA.

I mean if you are not going to put it into Cardano :wink:

Their 2-yr chart kinda loosely resembles the bitcoin chart, peaking at 2017 Dec - 2018 Jan, flatlining after and dipping 2018 Dec. Past me would be scared of this charts but I’ve recently been a betting person.

If you are in the EU you may want to try BITPANDA. I use coinbase [ normal ] too and never had a problem.

I don’t know much about this coinbase. Can you give me more details?

It’s mainly a crypto<->fiat exchange, you can just google it, you’ll get plenty of info on their site and others.

coinbase is legit, secure and regulated, have account there never an issue

That’s nice. Thanks for the assurance. Side by side coinbase I would like to emphasize on crypto links where lots of upcoming projects available. How much legit they are?

Sorry but it kinda looks like you want somebody to do your research for you. If you really must do that, ask the guy who made the list. How would we know about all these sites anyway?

Exactly! I’ve not had a problem ever with Coinbase and I’m not trying to evade taxes so KYC away!

Look at Kraken. Can buy Ada directly.

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