SimpleLiveView does not work with my BP Node

I am using Simple Live View to monitor my Relay node. Unfortunately, this does not work in my BP node. I am getting this error: COULD NOT CONNECT TO A RUNNING INSTANCE! PLEASE CHECK THE PROMETHEUS PORT AND TRY AGAIN!

I believe my config.json is correct. Based on one of the solutions in this forum is to set the hasPrometheus IP to My BP node is also fully synced already with the chain. Unfortunately, I still get the same issue.

Any help please?

Finally! After hours of being stuck. I checked the, and figured out that I need the curl command for this to script to work. I installed it using sudo apt install curl, and voila! :smiley:

Try to use glive… better view

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I tried it but forces me to update my node software. Do you think it would be wise to update to the latest version while doing the Stake Pool Course?

Ahhh ok, u are on testnet