Snowman from USA

Hello everyone glad to join the community, joining from Maryland, US. Excited about IOHK potential!!


Hey Snowman! Welcome and glad you joined this growing community. Great having you on board! Im from Toronto, Canada. You will soon see people on this forum are from every part of the world. All the best!

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Welcome, I had family around Silver Springs.

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Thank you canโ€™t wait to see how far it stretches and get to know everyone.

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Yes have family, and work there about 45 min. Away a bit too crowded for me so I stay more north.

Welcome to the forum! I am in the dc area also.

Hello empty head. Thank you for the warm welcome. Pretty cool to have others close by possibly should look into creating a meet up in our area never know what may come from it

I am working on putting together the first meetup in dc. I have some ideas but would love to know what you think. How far out are you from DC?

I am anywheres from 25 to 40 minutes from DC depending on what part. I would love to help. What resources are still needed?

Letโ€™s talk in a couple of days. I am in the process of finding out. We may need a venue and some type of presentation. The audience might be technical so having a developer would be good to explain nuances. Those are my thoughts. What did you have in mind?

Welcome to the community :smile:

Halo snowman!! :slight_smile:

I am not a technical guy but I could probably figure out perfect location and help with trying to bring people in. Talk soon.

Hello Bullish, where are you located ?

Hello Mihori thank you for the greeting.

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Currently in Belgium @snow_man :slight_smile:

Hi I am Lisa. I am new member from this group.

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Hi Lisa,
Welcome to the Forum. Cardano is a great project and this is the best place to learn from fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the success of our growing community. Best wishes!

Welcome, good to see you on here

Welcome @snow_man