So many weak hands in here

There’s so many weak hands in here… I bet most of them tell they love Cardano. It hurts… LOL

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Weak hands? I sell to make money. I do not fall in love with any stock Cardano included. Just sold everything. Still made a gain. Will buy back in at .02 or .01. BTC looks like it’s going to take a huge hit soon and Ada will go down as a result.

It’s not weak to play the fundamentals so I honestly don’t understand what you mean by weak. It’s not as if Ada will mysteriously run out, there is a market, people will always buy and sell. The only time they won’t be able to is if the coin crashes entirely and becomes dust.That’s not a weak hand, it is a smart hand.

Ppl that hodl right now are only hodling because they are already vested and have skin in the game. They don’t want to lose money so the position they add taking is to hodl till the end of time or the resurrection. Let’s get something straight, that’s not for a while if ever and there are still opportunities to make some nice cash.

Do not fall in love with stocks, coins, or commodities. If you do, I consider you to be in the donor pool and doing nothing more than lining my pocket. Most everyone has a breaking point. But I guess if you can consider it a loss the like Charles said, you don’t lose anything until you sell.


Guilty as charged I do have extremely weak hands. I keep dumping my USD into Ada. I pray I have the strength to stop.


Well said, for someone that is a trader. I disagree as an investor. It’s OK to fall in love with a company, if you believe in their vision and goals. Who is to criticize investors that fell in love with a website company that was a start-up search engine (Google) or those investors that believed in a visionary who was distributing goods from his garage (Amazon). Research has shown over the last 100 years that those who invest, are patient and HODL do much better by far than those that try to time the market. Buy low and sell high. This is the time to buy if you believe in the technology. Time will tell who was right.


All of the investors I know that weren’t into GOOG, went in because of the possible returns. They honestly dont care about anything else. It was for the potential of 10X.

Day trading or short term trading can be a risky, nerve-racking and spirit-quelling business with ragards to crypto. It is near impossible to predict a short term trends in crypto. Technical analysis does not work well in crypto. I am an investor not a trader. I have choosen the cardano project because i believe in the project, the fundamentals and the team. I am in for at least 5 years. The people who invested in Bitcoin 5 years ago have amazing returns. During the dotcom bubble the people who believe in projects like Amazon and stayed for long term are rich people now. The people who panicked and sell and the short term investers regreted deeply during the bull market. Many people commited suïcide during that bull run. I believe that cardano could be very rewarding in the near future. Invest only what you can afford to loose. Dont check coinmarket cap everyday it will only makes you nervous and agitated. Invest wisely, keep calm and be patient that is the key to investement succes.


Well worded Bohemian … you said it all … Investors will be the winners at the end if the startup succeeds … Traders just make peanuts thinking they are making money …


You’re sorely mistaken my friend. I bet you’re not feeling that way today. I can factor in my trades and gains, take my total gains and use those to purchase those at lows that are a fraction of the price you paid and hold those for the long haul and have more Ada than you, more to stake than you, and show more gains than you. You act as if a trader isn’t an investor and that’s is where you’re mistaken. We are investors over a fixed period of time, usually a short duration, but can change to a long position dependent on the market and performance.

And you believe you’re not day trading. Funny. You’re day trading whether or not you know it. You’re trading pattern is an inactive type that tries to weather the market conditions without taking into consideration performance, market conditions, RSI, death cross, regulation, etc. did you not buy through an exchange? Did you receive your Ada as RSUs or Options? Did you receive Ada as part of a contract for employment? If not through employment, the you are a day trader. You’re just electing not to sell or buy at prime market conditions or when your research says you should. I call this group the donor pool. Give your money and hope for the best. That method is laughably a joke. PERIOD. You’re doing nothing more than playing a game of Let it Ride only you’re playing with crypto.

Nearly impossible to predict. I disagree. You’re thinking from a micro perspective. From a macro perspective these become obvious. For example, I would bet the bank that sentiment for Ada would fall sharply if Hoskindon abruptly left the project. This is an easy 1%-2%. I would sell off in a heartbeat. I could point to one hundred scenarios where the market would drop because of a macro level event. I can even think of a few micro level events that would trigger a sell off or should. Saying anything less smells of amateurism at its finest or nothing more than a Vegas gamble of Let it Ride. The fact is you’re a day trader who is inactive and hoping for the best. Sorry to have to break it down to you. Some people don’t trade because they cannot execute against the fundamentals or are scared that they may lose more and don’t want to risk what they have. That’s ok. What I’m saying is it’s ok to stay in the boat as it goes over the falls. Some will still be in the boat. I’m jumping out beforevthe falls and will hop back in once the rough part of the ride is over. Don’t hate me for being dry when I get back in or having more than you at a lower price. The sign did say ecig the boat.

During the dot com, during this during that. This comment is amateur at best. Do you know how many funds and people moved in and out? The PEOPLE you are referring to are Workers who were offered RSUs and Options for working there. The PEOPLE that stayed in were Jeff and Angels who funded Amazon from the get go. There were a few that bought low and stayed but guess what, those were traders that bought low and stayed in hoping for the best. And once the fundamentals kicked in, other traders stayed in and rode the talks to the end. Where are you coming up with this stuff? Dot com. I can point to more losers who stayed on start ups they thought would cash out in the long term, omg…really? It’s all about fundamentals. If IOHK ran out of cash do you think people would stay in? I think not. The long haulers are ppl like Hoskinson who probably has a billion worth of Ada; not you or anyone else with their paltry 50k - 100k Ada. Sorry to break it down to you but those are the facts. That’s why Charles often says buy only what you are willing to lose. Most don’t have much to lose if they are working there and getting a check. The RSUs are gravy. The only thing they might lose is time or opportunity with another company or something like that but with the gains they might get coupled to a working/living wage…that’s an easy call. You’d still be very referencable even if it failed.

Day traders are different from investors in that day traders hold their stocks, futures etc. for only one day. They close out their positions at the end of every day and then start all over again the next day. By contrast, swing traders hold for days and sometimes even months, and investors sometimes hold for years. Althou in crypto’s the market is 24/7 active the idea of day trading is the same. Buy low and sell high on daily basis. Day trading, swing trading and all investements are all risk reward endeavour.
If you are confortable with day trading that’s fine.
But trying so hard to be the smartest guy here is just pathetic and ridiculous.
Based on my experience, day trading in crypto’s can be crazy business. Staying in front of your’e computer screen all day and reacting to blips, market manipulation hoping to catch next uptrend wave. Making quick decisions because the ability to make money depends on excuting multiple trades. Bitcoin, Ada etc. can break their support and resistant levels in a blink. The market is hugely manipulated that is why is near to impossible to predict.
There is a difference between technical analysis and catalyst like Charles abruptly leaving the Cardano projects.There is always a risk reward in every investement. That is why is very important to invest in a project that you believe it has a beter chance of succes. There is also always a catalyst that can speed the market in each direction. But that’s for the short term period.
Just like the 22 angel investors who believed in the fundamentals of Amozon and the Idea of Jeff survived after the dot com bubbleI. I believe in the fundamentals, the team and the long term vision of Cardano. That’s the risk i am willing to take. Unlike you, i am not here to make quick bucks.


You’re sailing down a river in Africa. Da Nile. I don’t claim to be the smartest guy in here. I’m far from it but I know my shite. And I call it like I see it. And you’re likely an inactive day trader who bought on an exchange, doesn’t know when to hold em or fold em. You’ll stay in it until the end even if it means losing everything.

Confidence has nothing to do with any of this. I’ll buy on the downswing and when it pops up I’ll ride the same wave only I’ll have made a profit during the transitions and not lost out on opportunitg costs. Unless you were given options or RSUs then you are like everyone else. We know the last two scenarios are very unlikely because those are securities and Charles would have stayed west of those. Maybe they received a grant in coins but that’s probably about it,

You’re not an angel investor. You’re an investor that bought through an exchange most likely.

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

Good luck!

Well said. I agree with you. Some people just don’t get it. The best investment I still have is in a bank I invested 25 yrs ago. I am planning to hold Cardano for a long time and keep accumulating on dips. Hang in there and best of luck for everyone.

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Inactive day trader is like saying I’m a marathon runner , I just don’t run it’s just a word game. I consider myself an investor, it’s a set and forget game. Sure, I may not get the returns that some day traders get but this is a time for accumulation. I don’t want to be dealing with the Tax implications of 500 trades per year. In the meantime I can do other things besides salivating over the monitor.


value investing > obsessing over pips

but to be successful you need patience, it’s not for everyone


iloveu…honestly i understand your frustration in crypto market don’t cry baby i’m here for you to stay…relax in day trading try to get my butt in your hands not your mouse pad ok…easy boy…mwahhh…love yah!.

I have the same problem. As the price goes down I can’t help but buy more and more ADA. I think I am perhaps addicted. I have recommended to my friends not to take my advice because I might be blind. Lord give me strength to stop accumulating ADA!

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Patience ,vision ,longterm investing thats the
Key .my friend Jimmy has made me to look at bitcoin when it was 45$ he was buying @ the time and after till 90$ he bought.his wallet has now 1200 btc.@20000$ i told him sell it jim,
Instead he said to me salem i have a goal i will
Never sell btc i buy more of it drops back to 1500/2000$ range his timeframe is 2025 and he
Sticks to his plan.this was years ago. Spoke to him last week and still holding on btc he says,its a store of value and its his hege against his portofolio of stocks mainly tech stocks.not afraid of ups/down in the market. He will win this game he says.must say he has ball of steel guys


I’m too old to cry. I have no frustrations making money in a bear market.