So sad :( bitrex hack

I’ve been here from day one supporting Ada

I’ve not posted on this site since what happened to me last year ,

I was the holder of 43000 Ada coins . My bitrex account was comprised. I’ve tried to deal with this without drawing attention .

Bitrex can no longer help me, I’m actually so down I can’t take this loss it’s so much money .

Just warning all users that even when you think your safe people can gain access to exchanges

I’m not going into the security details of my hack , as there’s nothing much I can do it was all done with email adresss changes ,

Anyway guys there nothing worse seeing the price go up when I’ve lost 43 thousand coins

My life is no longer happy


This was my last transaction you can see I made two out to bitrex


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Thank you @Adaholder32 for the confidence you have placed in the Cardano forum.
Your experience is indefinable, I’m sure others will see this and thank you for your honesty.



Dude who hasn’t learned that you should not keep money on the exchanges after gox? Stay strong tho, crying about it will not help :frowning:

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Hard lesson learned, but everyone can learn from this. Keep your coins in a local wallet or a hardware wallet as soon as possible. Sorry to hear that.

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I feel you here and know that you are not alone. I lost a huge amount of money as well by sending it to the wrong address during an ICO - it was a dumb move. This is the price we pay as pioneers along the Oregon Trail - this will be your TEMPORARY battle scar…your initiation. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN. When sending large sums you will always send a “test” sum of less than 2 to verify. NEVER AGAIN. So Take some time off to reflect…but when you are ready…Keep your head up we are still early days and you are ahead of 99.9% of the population, live below your means, save your extra capital and get your head back in the game. It’s not the ADA that’s worth an infinite amount…it’s you that’s worth an infinite amount…the ADA is just a reflection of that.


Spot on!..


Sorry for your loss. Your loss can serve as a good reminder to everyone:

  1. Do not store your currency on exchanges

  2. Always implement 2FA on exchange accounts (and use app-based 2FA, not SMS-based)

  3. Use a hardware wallet to store currency (hopefully coming soon for Ada)


@Adaholder32 I feel for you mate. Don’t worry, you’ll be back, what doesn’t kill make you stronger.

Without knowing all the details, I would add to the above list that the IP whitelist feature on Bittrex would have probably prevented such a loss. It must be enabled as well.


I lost 9 btc on the btc-e scam, I feel you. Thats why I was so nervous with binance dont letting me withdrawal the ADA.

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  1. Use a password manager such as Dashlane, 1Password, or LastPass. For each account, generate and use a unique random long password.

Bittrex disabled my account and others for no reason. They are becoming sketchy.

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Is the staking for reward started already or ??
Also if keep ada in hardware wallet (when available) still get reward??

Staking starts end Q2 2018, they are working on something called cold storage staking. Which means that you could stake funds that are on a hardware wallet.

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Thank you for sharing your experience @Adaholder32, it’s a valuable lesson for other people. It is a good thing to consider, that maybe someone else has benefited from your pain, and who knows, maybe more than one. @saline09 makes some poignant and profound points about the crypto-situation, and failing in general. Most importantly I join him in assuring you that you are not alone. The forum members may not be able to give you your money back, but it sure seems like we’re all here to support you on your journey. ADA is ultimately Fu9azi, but this thread is real :smiley:

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Thanks for all the reply’s .much appreciated For me to get the coins I had, I would need to work for over one year saving every penny it’s impossible for me to get we’re i was .,

My option is to just follow Ada now as I can’t invest anytime soon I wish you all the best

It’s easier for me just to live and forget the crypto world as my opportunity has been stolen from me to make a start with my life . Took me long enough to fund the initial investment for someone to rob me blind

Have fun with your time I wish you lot all the best

Ada holder 32

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It’s a big pity. I’m also very sorry for your loss.


Slightly off topic but that’s twice I’ve seen it mentioned on this thread and once on another - what’s this about not being able to withdraw (ADA) from binance. I’m heading over there tomorrow to swap for some ada but I might hold off, if they are holding it, or any coins for that matter, ‘hostage’.
Can anyone enlighten?

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Please always set up 2FA on exchanges and your email accounts.
Google’s 2FA app is widely supported.

Always save the 2FA seed or take a snapshot (or print out the 2FA QR code),
and save this in seed or snapshot in multiple locations,
including in an encrypted file stored in the cloud.
Having the 2FA seed will allow you to reconstruct your 2FA on another phone if
you lose your phone.

A compromised email (that only uses password or SMS) is the beginning of a compromise, which has befallen even executives at Coinbase.

Begin first by protecting your email accounts with 2FA.
Do not use SMS; SMS can be compromised by social engineering that ports your telephone number with a call to customer service.


There are threads about this, just search for Binance. ADA withdrawals are only doable for short, unpredictable periods at the moment, you have to keep checking, and after you’ve initiated it, it can take several hours to complete. It’s not impossible though, I’ve done it three times over the past 2-3 weeks, and I’m sure it will get better soon.

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