SOLVED: LiveView "doesn't load"

thanks for the hint! I’ve noticed that there are multiple lines defining PATH in my .bashrc - after merging them into one line it works!

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Glad to help. :+1:

Did you manage to find a fix to the bug by redefing PATH in .bashrc?

yes, I just opened the ~/.bashrc file with vi (you can use any editor) and noticed that it had 2 lines starting with PATH=. don’t know if this was a problem but it seemed strange…

then moved all the paths on the second line (everything after PATH=) to the first line and removed the second line completely. all paths are separated by a colon so don’t forget to add a colon at the point you merge the paths…

after saving the file you can reload it by running:

source ~/.bashrc

then restart your node

hope this helps!

Hey Ben,
unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I did have two PATH files and did what you said but I still got the same result… can you post your bashrc file or maybe PATH line in your file. Maybe it is something in my PATH file that is doing this…

thanks Ben,

I tried the default config files again, did not help. I checked my .bashrc everything looks ok. I have put my bc node back to simple view so I can see it actually doing something.

I am nearly at the stage to remove all my certificates and other files and starting again, rebuild the nodes from scratch.

I am rebuilding a pool now. I am going to try to not even look at liveview until after I get done with the topology and see if that makes a difference… you can check to see what block the noes are up to without using liveview…i will give that a try…

Hi @Jasebatey and @anthony_stachowitz Make sure that you are using the correct files and don’t forget to reload the .bashrc after you change it or at least do a re-login. If LiveView does not work you definitely don’t need to re-install. You’ll just lose time by doing that. Instead focus on the paths of your configs files and the config file itself. The issue is probably there.

So I tried this morning to run one of the nodes manually and this is what I got:

Listening on []

LocalSocketError “/home/jase/cardano-my-node/test” /home/jase/cardano-my-node/test: removeLink: inappropriate type (Is a directory)

cardano-node: Failure while attempting to remove the stale local socket: /home/jase/cardano-my-node/test : /home/jase/cardano-my-node/test: removeLink: inappropriate type (Is a directory)

I have rebuild the node a few times today. Seems like any change of the topology file it caused the live view to disappear.

I set Grafana back up also once with the coincashew guide. As soon as you alter the config.son it disappeared again.

I have live view at the moment with the basic config files. I have not touched it to add more peers.

I am quite certain you have a malformed json. It’s very easy with JSON to skip a “,” somewhere. I suggest you use a JSON online validator. Copy your json file and paste it into validator.If it’s valid your node should work.

OK Cheers for your help, I will check them. Every time I rebuilt the node I downloaded new config files. At the moment I am thinking do I just loose the Live view, configure my topology files and put it back to Simpleview like I did before? And carry the ability not to see peers connected etc.

By the way I have used the coincashew guide to build my stake pool.

Did you have any luck Anthony?

I am in the process of rebuilding WITHOUT using live view at all until after i update the topology file… I don’t have much confidence that this will work but I am at my wits end. I feel like I have tried an double checked everything 10 times already… i will let you know what happens

did not work…

this is going to seem a little scary but it worked… after you ‘rm -rf $NODE_HOME/cardano-wallet-shelley-2020.7.28’ and ‘history -c && history -w’ like @coincashewofficial said. restart your nodes (liveview should be working) and then you have to run the first, second (if you want to check the hash), third, fourth, and fifth directions under Mnemonic (up until you have to enter your 24 words… don’t do that) in order to get the cardano cli to work again… everything seems to be working for me now with the liveview working… I AM NOT AN EXPERT… if someone can explain how this works, that would probably be a good thing. do this at your own peril…

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And you carried out the topology update procedure also? But this is at least some thing to try.

So I just stopped my node, restarted. Live view is gone again. I just noticed that my socket file with all three nodes is gone. Not sure if it has anything to do with it.


It worked after removing the folder “cardano-wallet-2020.7.28”, and removing it from my PATH, then:

source ~/.bashrc

Then just restart the stake pool.


Can confirm that worked