Some optimism

I know this guy can be boring some times but I find him positive and informative.


I like his Wall Street cheat sheet chart at 7:15

Thanks a lot for this video, watched the whole thing and it is enormously informative. Furthermore, the Peter Thiel video is great as well.

Thanks a lot.


Coin Mastery is my favorite channel about crypto, this guy is always calm and full of wisdom. I like the way he thinks. It’s not just about crypto, he’s teached me a lot about psychology regarding trading.

Coin Mastery is one of my favorite channels. I find a lot of the content very helpful.

Thanks for sharing.

In relation to ADA i would point the following out:


Im hesistant to confirm this “break.out” or side-ways resistance until BTC confirms the same:

This could very well turn into sideways resistance if BTC can move sideways from it’s lately downward trendlines.


If BTC pulls through i am confident that the worst is over and I will prorbably begin to slowly accumulate more ada for the long.