Spending Password issue

i have Yoroi both on my phone and desktop.
after staking i tried to withdraw the rewards and it asked for my spending password.
no matter how many times i tried on the desktop, i keep getting incorrect password.
but when i did it on the phone, same password, the withdrawal was successful.
what?! how?!

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The spending password for each device is different or you could make it the same. You could delete and then restore your Yoroi wallet using seed-phrase → then create new spending password for that specific device.

Hope it helps :coffee:

Ah… that certainly helps.
but how is it that the phone app n the desktop wallet shows me the same thing? e.g. balance amount, staking pool, total delgated. etc.
I was under the assumption the wallets are sync across the phone and desktop app which would mean the spending password was the same.
Weird thing is, i’m pretty sure i set both up using the same password.

Yes it does. Both phone app & desktop app sync to the Cardano blockchain network. So what you see is only the user interface. If you pretty sure that you set up the same password, then I don’t know what’s going on.

ok. i’ll troubleshoot more on my end. but your reply was a great help in clarifying things. sorry for the noob question…but noob here. :sweat_smile:

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No problem @bentalot . Glad to help. Have a nice day.