Spending Password issue

i have Yoroi both on my phone and desktop.
after staking i tried to withdraw the rewards and it asked for my spending password.
no matter how many times i tried on the desktop, i keep getting incorrect password.
but when i did it on the phone, same password, the withdrawal was successful.
what?! how?!

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The spending password for each device is different or you could make it the same. You could delete and then restore your Yoroi wallet using seed-phrase → then create new spending password for that specific device.

Hope it helps :coffee:

Ah… that certainly helps.
but how is it that the phone app n the desktop wallet shows me the same thing? e.g. balance amount, staking pool, total delgated. etc.
I was under the assumption the wallets are sync across the phone and desktop app which would mean the spending password was the same.
Weird thing is, i’m pretty sure i set both up using the same password.

Yes it does. Both phone app & desktop app sync to the Cardano blockchain network. So what you see is only the user interface. If you pretty sure that you set up the same password, then I don’t know what’s going on.

ok. i’ll troubleshoot more on my end. but your reply was a great help in clarifying things. sorry for the noob question…but noob here. :sweat_smile:

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No problem @bentalot . Glad to help. Have a nice day.

Same problem here. Initially setup Yoroi on Desktop Chrome. Months later installed Yoroi successfully on Mobile IOS. Tried sending on destop with password and it says password invalid but I know it’s correct. Went to Mobile and spending password did work! But still not working on Desktop. Even changed password on Mobile but no go on desktop - how come not syncing? everything else syncs perfect. Thanks!

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Spending passwords are not suppose to sync up.

Each instance of Yoroi is like a new portal to your wallet. Wallet is on Cardano network and it’s always synced up, but Yoroi is just a portal from a device to your wallet. Each time you recover/ create your wallet using Yorori you create another portal to your wallet and have to make spending password for that portal only.

So, password on your desktop is still the same as it always was. What you do with your Yoroi spending password on your Mobile will not (and should not) effect your desktop Yorori spending password. It was designed to be that way. When you install Yoroi it even says that it will NOT create a profile with your information.

You can of course make the spending password the same on all instances of Yoroi when you set it up if you wish. Just go to settings (gear wheel icon) and click edit pencil icon in spending password field.

However, if you forgot your desktop spending password, then to change a spending password you would need to erase then recover your wallet with your seed phrases and then it will ask you to make a new spending password.