Stake pool operator map (Introduction Videos)

The operator map that collects introduction videos is now live:

Let’s fill it with your introduction videos. Simply reply to this post with a YouTube introduction video and your location.

(to avoid misunderstandings: this is managed by ADAtainment, not by the Cardano Foundation)


Hi! This is my pool NGON - Narigon Pool from Cornella, Barcelona (Spain) and this is the video:

Thank you!

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Hi! So sorry, my link maybe is incorrect, can you replace it with this: maybe is necessary to put all the syntax …

Thank you!

Hi, I present my stake pool TricahuePool, their ticket is TCHP and it is hosted in Chile.

Thank you!


Welcome @Eztero, I’m really sorry, but the video does not meet the criteria for the operator map on adatainment. The operator map is about introduction videos, not about Cardano nodes. There are a lot of nodes that are not listed here.

While I like the style, in principle it is an anonymous video and nobody introduces himself. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much for clarifying that point, I had my doubts about how all this worked.
So is it a requirement to record a video in person like others have? where I talk a little about myself, but without drawings and stuff.


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I hope we see more Operators introducing themselves, the map you made @adatainment is sweet and could be very useful for onboarding new and exciting developers.

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