Stake pool Pledge missing?

Is this a problem?

I have 1 in? And noticed it states my Private IP instead of public


check the log messages from topologyUpdater script… you should see glade you are staying with us!
also check if the port 3001 is opened to accept incoming connections from another nodes

here is the log,

And everything seems to be open.


Cron job doesnt seem to be working, I just manually ran it and will see if that works… if this is the case i will re setup the job.

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but, just one per hour…

yes the previous were the issue i had with the ENV and would submit constantly… that is fixed.

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Alex can you confirm my relay should be having peer incoming as well?

I have opened ports in AWS & ubuntu, the only one i can get to come in is my private ip from my BP node

Yes, if the port it is open, u will need to wait till u will see glade u are staying with us! Then u will see more nodes to IN peers

Confirmed the port, and run the script again as my cron job did not work over night…

I noticed the TX works for a period of time and then stops… i re run the script and then wait 2 hours and its starts again… surely this is not correct?

If the script will not run 3 times in the row the node will be declared offline… do u have IN peers now?

no, no in peers only my BP Producer, I am going to recreate a node today from scratch and then slowly make this one redundant as it is not working, I think the environment variables are not correct on this not from setup.

I will keep u posted

Try my guide… easy to mange the nodes with it :wink:
But before to start, perform a fresh OS installation

which one is your guide ? :slight_smile:

replace 1.25.1 with 1.27.0 or 1.26.2 at step 2

Thanks Alex,

This now all done and all are working smoothly, Just waiting to complete topology updater as i need to wait for 4 request… But I completed the Registration and resign TX files for new Relays,

How long does it take to appear here

In few minutes after registration… did u added both relays? Anyway u can keep the 2nd relay unregistered

Yes i added both relays as i believe my first relay is not working correctly, as TX is not happening any more and only happens every couple of hours with the old Relay,

After registration I have no completed any TX.

haha you wont believe,

Trying to fix it i now have to owners on my TICKER MTL.

same ids.

I am starting to go crazy lol

where do you see that? I see the both relays on adapools now